Friday, February 19, 2016

A Tea Party + The Everyday

A beautiful Valentine's tea party at a friend's house  photo IMG_7668a_zpspvnt1bxk.jpg

 photo IMG_7677a_zpsmukddvna.jpg

 photo IMG_7684a_zpshukx5gzn.jpg

A Reader's Theater performance
 photo IMG_7565a_zpsek2nejej.jpg

painting together
 photo IMG_8095a_zpsrvvtlm7a.jpg

 photo IMG_8097a_zpsqnadlm1d.jpg

 photo IMG_8096a_zpsr9udpoo6.jpg

 photo IMG_8098a_zpsln6cejbn.jpg

Helping with supper
 photo IMG_7556a_zpspar7u4ex.jpg

Elowen's first meatloaf
 photo IMG_7555a_zpshvcuepwr.jpg

Snickerdoodle cake made by Miah
 photo IMG_8101a_zpsgpuhmsfs.jpg

A new mug made by Miah
 photo IMG_8099a_zpszqh6s4md.jpg

 photo IMG_8104a_zpshjrqfuak.jpg

 photo IMG_8111a_zps5iy5yrza.jpg

 photo IMG_8119a_zpsafcwpsq0.jpg

 photo IMG_8124a_zpswz2lywpi.jpg

 photo IMG_7696a_zpsmby81owg.jpg

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  1. Sarah, I haven't visited in so long. Dad told me you were posting great pictures. I always love seeing them and have missed seeing these precious faces. Love to all of you! -elsa