Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Smidge of Schoolishness

Elowen wants to do school too, so I bought her a few preschool workbooks.  photo aug 2015 164a_zpshctjopgb.jpg

I've been trying to work games back into our days.
 photo oct 2015 020a_zpsgxqdepop.jpg

A new one, Maya Madness, teaches negative numbers.
 photo oct 2015 011a_zpsuhkoeied.jpg

Miah and Larkin are working on General Science this year.
 photo oct 2015 022a_zpsyizlcagu.jpg

Zahana and Rohan are learning about astronomy.  It's nice that I've already done this and don't have to make new plans.
 photo oct 2015 023a_zpsglzb8mb1.jpg

Wednesday mornings we do language arts together.  We had a month of poetry, and the kids wrote several poems...or "pullems" as Elowen says.
 photo oct 2015 086a_zpsygcaq3jr.jpg

The kids are enjoying history the most I think.  Again, no new planning for me - yay! 
Learning about vikings and making rune stones out of salt dough.
  photo oct 2015 070a_zps8ibcyxhm.jpg

Cave bear stew - Ice Age.
 photo oct 2015 199a_zpsagox3e9s.jpg

Native Americans in the far north. I saw this awesome book igloo and thought we'd give it a try.
 photo oct 2015 001a_zpsst4e9wiq.jpg

 photo oct 2015 005aa_zpse9nclcjp.jpg

 photo oct 2015 006a_zpsz1wbn1by.jpg

Guess it's best to stick with what I know works.... paper tipis for the plains indians.
 photo oct 2015 012a_zpsdcxvghy3.jpg

Inspired to make their own tipi.
 photo oct 2015 014a_zpsuo8dwamg.jpg

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  1. I am so inspired by all of this. And was moved by that lovely Pullem. :)