Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bee-Friendly Garden

Our cousins in Minnesota have put together a combination of non-GMO, neonicontinoid-free flower seeds designed specifically to help boost the honeybee population.  Whether you keep bees or not, you can add these flowers to your garden assist these struggling, beneficial pollinators. Purchase at The Grovestead.
 photo d31d1e01-2556-4c84-a71f-a2ca5ccf1e23_zpst5krszs6.jpg

 photo e67aeb53-0bbe-44d7-875c-3bc099a2b15c_zpstt7zrhzg.jpg

 photo 45e3ea2e-4cf6-4df1-956b-ed442e382058_zpsbe4qtabz.jpg