Thursday, December 18, 2014

Beginning Christmas

 photo f0d840e6-c9fd-4747-8ac0-d6ca682d34a8_zps1aee05ac.jpg

 photo 02c44930-b3bc-4924-bb6f-3ffedbb80307_zpsc7372297.jpg

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 photo fc7834ae-f4c4-4d5a-820a-04abefe4696a_zps83a07683.jpg

 photo 6332d5bf-f74f-4da8-8ac1-41fbad20f301_zps1903f1ca.jpg

 photo 114b96e6-db81-44e0-83c5-0a9f8a1626b4_zps1f305fe5.jpg

 photo f052ed5c-ed65-4c78-8282-483582ff0990_zps6d2031c2.jpg


  1. So glad to see you are blogging again! I love seeing your beautiful family! They are growing so fast! Love, aunt Margaret

  2. My, the children have grown such a lot since I first started following your blog. Your Christmas preparations look very exciting. We wish you all a very, happy Christmas and a restful and relaxing New Year from our family here in Nottingham, England. Take care x