Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What We Found in the Wisteria

 photo f332688a-1dba-41bc-ac76-02b644dcd6dc_zpsf82f00d9.jpg
A cranky gray ratsnake
Apparently Rohan had been throwing things up in the wisteria on the deck for a while before he realized there was a snake up there.  By the time he showed me, the snake was not happy. 
 photo 7c7bd787-427e-43a9-9d28-5d60823b2ca3_zpsb040d62c.jpg

We were all pretty excited to find such a big pretty snake right on our deck.  And after everybody had a turn touching it, the snake was pretty excited to leave.
 photo 37776a21-9594-4dae-bd09-cd25b5dd8302_zps5da49e23.jpg

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