Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Camping With Papa

  photo 8053a62b-f48c-4e57-bff2-4ca9081e96e3_zps100d950d.jpg

 photo 4da56738-dc38-434a-b190-1f1295d4f84d_zps05e89cfb.jpg

 photo 3f6eac6c-f764-496b-a031-204b42f36672_zps5e72ee45.jpg

 photo 9f4e2e9d-d3ef-4ebd-9ab9-25784b2b20b9_zps0caca5b3.jpg

 photo 57ff50f9-f10a-4879-99d9-13f3f53ff1e6_zps7776b925.jpg photo 94c724ea-a683-4668-aecc-e543290f9d94_zpsee08678e.jpg

  photo a462467c-3835-402c-97b8-68101b875629_zpsd5b6f9c2.jpg

  photo 9c7f197b-ee10-49d4-87f8-40321343ae5b_zps926b3e36.jpg

  photo 0d7f0bb8-6082-40d3-8102-979bcce50f82_zps1afa396f.jpg

  photo 0d18e6a4-7c9c-422c-b233-7a7608d1632e_zps1d720c0c.jpg

 photo 19bb5faf-3027-446b-8a10-ff59ec6504a2_zpsc2a08f5e.jpg

 photo 0ec02194-0c72-4c61-91f1-a514a9fbcb2f_zpsc2a61710.jpg

 photo 16509e8f-e529-498b-8a1c-e815cdde40b8_zps1613bfac.jpg

 photo eb866dae-8ed1-4470-bccf-953588ac405e_zps36b2d454.jpg

 photo d02af512-4572-4e92-8edc-cda3849d00c7_zps43639c75.jpg

Jeremiah took Rohan on a camping trip for his birthday.

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Devil in the Road

 photo e74e2f4b-2c7d-4884-ae87-6acd48023f90_zps016f0f35.jpg
We found this hickory horned devil while driving down a gravel road.

 photo 0d5aed5c-ae62-45bf-8dcd-3bf09bd95d48_zpsb3950830.jpg
Despite the name and appearance, they're completely harmless, but we didn't know it at the time.

 photo 28f99ab7-8a21-47ac-8991-47b82da736bc_zpse4ccdfdc.jpg 
So we just observed respectfully.  :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What We Found in the Wisteria

 photo f332688a-1dba-41bc-ac76-02b644dcd6dc_zpsf82f00d9.jpg
A cranky gray ratsnake
Apparently Rohan had been throwing things up in the wisteria on the deck for a while before he realized there was a snake up there.  By the time he showed me, the snake was not happy. 
 photo 7c7bd787-427e-43a9-9d28-5d60823b2ca3_zpsb040d62c.jpg

We were all pretty excited to find such a big pretty snake right on our deck.  And after everybody had a turn touching it, the snake was pretty excited to leave.
 photo 37776a21-9594-4dae-bd09-cd25b5dd8302_zps5da49e23.jpg

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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