Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Bees

 photo 2d5fe258-e66c-40d7-a79e-dfb677af2396_zpsb309c50b.jpg

 photo 0a9df74f-ee96-4884-862a-756f8282bfbb_zps9d8122d1.jpg

 photo 51f998ab-d2d2-4b8c-86f2-e2f8c3f0f5ce_zps2021faca.jpg

 photo b0d71183-4230-4cac-a537-df137e764dcd_zpsffaaa425.jpg

 photo fecf73dd-af44-4952-81b3-dd5ee1d693db_zps06222252.jpg

 photo ca8158c2-bcdf-48b6-b7ed-2936258084c2_zps82f5222b.jpg

 photo 4d3cc316-ea96-46ea-9e30-08e9f9f2c14d_zpse4709050.jpg


  1. Elsie is in my lap and keeps saying, "Bees! Buzz! Ya." I love your frames...excited to talk more about this. We use the frames that already have plastic comb started, but I love the natural shape of these empty frames that the bees fill up. Look like healthy hives to me!
    Joyfully, Becca

  2. Some of the frames have the plastic and some don't. The plastic ones had more honey but the other ones were pretty good too