Monday, August 11, 2014

Litle Bits of Life

Larkin's first quiz meet.  Miah was spending the weekend with cousins in Kentucky or she would have been there too.
 photo faf969aa-4390-48e9-8029-0534dca41089_zpse4b0c17f.jpg

Backyard ballgames
 photo 81a4d1f2-b052-4d68-8ec5-af61eb123516_zpsb27748be.jpg

I let Jeremiah cut my hair.  He asked how much I wanted cut off.  "Whatever you think," I said.  And he handed me this!
 photo f86a1414-1d49-4078-9f99-7d77a83ea502_zps77e3b322.jpg

I had plenty to spare though.  Here's what was left.
 photo b13dbe19-c145-40c3-b43e-21f626c1c2b4_zps828c6ca8.jpg

Cutie Pie
 photo e2db5c5a-8f1b-46e7-a913-41f89887d8d6_zps73de7b85.jpg

A reminder of promises
 photo e4e2b8c5-b446-4de1-a3a8-f6bc69ea1383_zpse930b701.jpg

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