Friday, August 1, 2014

June Miscellany

Celebrating Papa's birthday
  photo 784a5cf3-560a-4253-bdde-5460b4944e06_zpsb7a5fb08.jpg

 photo 0bbbc348-069f-4de5-aa25-e9172be03439_zpsbc347580.jpg

 photo d9a42ec1-247a-463e-b397-2373f30ab4ba_zps2a3e317a.jpg

 photo 98d26f52-272e-4b9a-8774-541dc1b7b1c8_zps039aa850.jpg

Juvenile Cardinal
 photo a2952533-48f4-41a2-8f9e-8956322b61a1_zps75626857.jpg

Miah went to Washington DC on her first church youth trip.
 photo 5e6f591c-492a-4e5c-9215-22206b4688b6_zps0b64128c.jpg

 photo 0a03fe34-a8cf-4e96-8206-1a47fcc6bf2f_zps0ab0d92f.jpg

Helping in the kitchen
 photo 5f5d65b1-ad06-4629-8f87-97d6e3d411b1_zps278960d8.jpg

Making art with beach treasures
 photo 50cfef08-bdaa-4fcc-b3ca-94d3d807c3e3_zpsad498b83.jpg

 photo 960109f6-c865-4612-afbf-e45bfb26f4a3_zps147b2339.jpg

Jeremiah's bees
 photo e9277fd1-6618-45bd-8d33-5db39aa2cec5_zps1e48f559.jpg

Target practice
 photo 01538f48-abb4-4b48-9f95-f87432d19cb3_zpsab2d282d.jpg


  1. Your bees look ~busy! Rodrigo wants to get started with bees too, I'm a bit nervous about it still!

  2. i was nervous at first because of all the kids running around, but everyone seems to like them. People do get stung occasionally but mostly the bees fly up and out