Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bird Banding

Hello again, friends!  Time to play catch up and let you all in on our summer break pictures.  We went bird banding a couple times at Tremont.  One time, it ended up that there were lots of friends from church there on the same day, which made it all the more fun.  The project is mainly for monitoring Louisiana Waterthrushes.  They're caught in nets, banded, inspected, and named.  Other birds that are caught are also inspected and recorded but not banded or named.  The kids each got to hold and release a bird.
Louisiana Waterthrush
  photo 52670416-424e-4bf5-8320-9c1e117ac038_zps01772a56.jpg

 photo e31f1389-dd36-4eec-bbef-5a777c8fb9d3_zpsbec4979c.jpg

Checking to see if it's male or female.  This one was a male.
 photo e2c23c0b-ca3b-4bfb-9730-f1f8b532ac76_zps4234612f.jpg

Accadian Flycatcher.  Checking feathers to determine age.
 photo 120721c2-b4a6-4dde-ab0d-0891d575ea61_zps2a5afbe5.jpg

This was the first Louisiana Waterthrush in the world to be fitted with a special backpack to record migration habits.
  photo cbe02467-1c31-4500-9c7d-e0490cad543b_zps3ed083f4.jpg

The leg bands.  Each bird has a special color code so it can be identified through binoculars at a distance.
  photo 4991bdb6-1197-411e-a591-f1bcdf361386_zps4f63e7d9.jpg

  photo ca5cabc7-e08b-42dc-a930-fec6f8ca41ff_zps7c67a253.jpg

Each bird is weighed in a film canister (or something larger if necessary.)
  photo fe1dc224-5ab4-4aa4-b8db-1fd1b8106da0_zpsc0d17696.jpg

I was able to do a little of the record taking when everyone else went out to check nets.
  photo b7a72f60-2e58-4bf4-a24f-84de48dae4b1_zps7a6b5b22.jpg

  photo 34b6ccdb-5c6c-4ab6-8946-b1652a2a32ea_zpsf103d624.jpg

While we waited on birds, the kids got their "wingspans" measured to see what bird they compared to.
  photo 14ded34f-909e-42af-b063-438b61f45bbf_zps187ab0e6.jpg

Checking the nets.
  photo 02ab43b9-535b-4d34-8030-39963f18ef43_zpse5ebe7dc.jpg

  photo 5708a2ce-0d56-4441-ad94-951036264a10_zpsc8e68fc1.jpg

More Louisiana Waterthrushes.
  photo 5a445650-c84c-4d21-9b94-e464efdebbf8_zpsc71f7d4d.jpg

  photo a1014631-7ce5-475e-a523-f42822d83289_zps6a36ceec.jpg

  photo 691cc0df-ebd4-46b5-8fa4-0c9329c1bf16_zpscc4a88ae.jpg

  photo ac6d97d2-1bf4-4147-9e1d-3bdfe6d969f1_zps605a14c5.jpg

  photo feebc698-559f-4a86-846a-25ca5ecb3ec5_zps387509bb.jpg

Friends!  A few families didn't make it into the picture.
  photo dc694540-c43e-43cd-8d5f-e41cb4edcab5_zps50a56ced.jpg

Afterward, we joined some friends at the creek before heading home.
  photo ad93229f-763b-440a-ba19-62e1d7425bb9_zps8c54d923.jpg

  photo 9f96f88d-4642-46cb-bf63-6ee0dd684a1d_zps5ff72c29.jpg

  photo 5883e117-86b7-4b2d-b2eb-4629d0483f1a_zpsbe48620d.jpg  

"Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?"  ~Matt.6:26