Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sunday Afternoons

We've been enjoying our Poetry Suppers.  I try for a variety of finger foods or fun foods.  Usually cheese is involved.  And coffee.
  photo 6972eea5-05ab-4285-9cd5-ac03d545740d_zps6711dfdf.jpg

Homemade ice cream!
 photo e7811157-5cbb-41ff-b5e4-02af45e089a1_zps1e56d101.jpg

Everyone takes turn reading poems.
 photo 89587703-9f29-4d10-877f-e98003876cdf_zps21fc7583.jpg

Even Rohan and Elowen repeat after me as I read a short poem.
  photo 0735e2cb-adbc-4ede-8b7d-9efc8922b867_zps58ff66f6.jpg

Rapt attention! (Sometimes.)
 photo fca7d9fd-cd23-453f-ab9a-de56869d8b1d_zpsfee72cc6.jpg

 photo 948f10a5-5531-4d28-a660-1a33c4faca2f_zpsd1a1085b.jpg

 photo 7302aafc-3ab3-47ce-aa24-3a9af8883c39_zps7c547fb6.jpg

 photo dc9c8e91-c2e2-4d95-b9e8-73f65c8d3607_zpsa3d9a49b.jpg
Whether we end up reading two poems or twenty, it's always a pleasant time to be together.

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