Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fiber Fest

In getting ready for the Lexington Sheep and Fiber Festival this year, I mainly tried to use up a lot of the fibers I had.  Last year after the festival, I had grand plans for improving how I did things, but when it came down to it this year, I just did the best I could.  Seems like life is just getting busier and busier.  Still, I really enjoy doing this one festival per year, so I dyed, I spun, and I took the girls to Kentucky.  We had a great time visiting family, relaxing at the tent, and buying new stuff!  And now I have my shop restocked, so go take a look!
 photo c63a1912-9e2f-4a02-a853-ac2b56e799cc_zps8cb04625.jpg

 photo 0ec2c4bd-894e-4811-9223-05603a37f696_zpsecfe614b.jpg

 photo 83921955-26e9-4569-9af4-bbac73fd5782_zps28f4b13a.jpg

 photo ce63a0e2-5d07-408e-8ad4-f953fc230ca0_zps833b6a04.jpg

 photo c07677b0-4539-4e21-b237-41a3333aac0b_zps299bc227.jpg

 photo d1e32292-05e3-4a6b-a19b-40b005babd72_zpsccc9a128.jpg

 photo 4d5f709d-6d9c-47dc-847d-5f2d587a0387_zps79232a86.jpg

 photo 480acf21-fb87-4334-a6d2-bba974af25f2_zps4dd51c88.jpg

  photo 7613ca64-f113-4416-98c9-7ed67aa55350_zpsd8db9a09.jpg

  photo 3c4f77b4-52ce-4c2c-80fe-60660860a903_zps1664237a.jpg

 photo 45c71e67-43cc-464d-9ebc-5cfd44fb3dd2_zps5ba9deef.jpg

 photo 35ea43a0-8218-43d3-b8b3-3ed7579fbe7d_zpscb5fc11f.jpg

 photo 2d518227-3fef-4b73-b566-a99c522c1017_zps20747dd5.jpg

 photo f572ab5b-e333-46ce-ac30-ed26980bb839_zpsf84b42f7.jpg


  1. Sarah, I was so glad to see these pictures since I didn't get to come to your display. Beautiful things. I appreciated your coming by with the girls. Gramma K

  2. Your yarn is gorgeous! Makes me wish I could knit.
    Aunt Margaret