Thursday, May 22, 2014

May Miscellany

Watering seedlings (tomatoes, oregano, pipevine, chamomile, basil)  photo 6088ca29-492b-48e8-86ff-8cf6b987bd35_zps9bd1dcff.jpg

These girls love tea parties.
 photo 2fd1b795-3e5e-4ae0-b502-219153248d33_zpsbef89dc7.jpg

Elowen's yogurt skin care treatment
 photo 07551bc3-6ce6-4387-8e86-e3cd0c4c3b57_zps0b5c9c4e.jpg

 photo 70f4efd8-a7d5-4f6f-ab1f-72bb0eca9e74_zpsbc251688.jpg

 photo 47ddd664-bdc3-49e0-865f-d9b355ca38df_zps783e3bba.jpg

Playing with neighbor friends
 photo 2b2acbf8-5abb-4b0e-be24-fdf6da57c8c1_zps2063ffa6.jpg

Spider photos by Larkin
 photo 8e2eae3c-b5c2-45f1-a813-9093d9cca8f8_zpsb5391782.jpg

 photo c4c000f4-8155-407a-9caa-d65c2f0567cc_zps49a34d13.jpg

Found by Rohan
 photo c249504f-8c87-4968-a97d-bc5ad4d4112c_zpsd34ef369.jpg

Jeremiah spotted this cool spider.  It sat next to an ant hole in this post and would catch ants and take them back to its home.
 photo 752746ec-3867-43e4-8b10-647fd8e6b839_zps34718c2f.jpg

Jeremiah's bees
 photo d5e4898f-43aa-4e60-aadb-366e22bbb467_zps01e36cc3.jpg

Enjoying honeysuckle
 photo 313d1d40-065c-4a20-87ca-c6b7e08bf089_zps417f6b28.jpg

Cousin fun
 photo 37b015ff-1ddb-4bf1-bf18-758af6964638_zps460dcfc9.jpg

Baseball continues
 photo 733619db-6a66-48e8-98ad-3972d65eba4b_zpsc9bdda29.jpg

Chess tournament (He won this game.)
 photo ee9be84f-56bd-4dc6-ac0b-8271d8ac1c1f_zps08b4f8d2.jpg

She decided (seemingly out of the blue) that she wanted her ears repierced.  She got gold earrings this time and hasn't had any trouble with them.  Guess she's just a little princess.
 photo ae311450-ac81-4789-8e67-1ade67dc5811_zpsf97905b2.jpg

Having fun at the strawberry patch, mud and all.
 photo cdf0b9d0-efa1-418e-a3f5-3d943da83c30_zpsa620f4b9.jpg

 photo 24f1e2d3-f9d5-4dc3-bc8d-14721fcb1a12_zpsfa545a16.jpg

Shoes, as usual.
 photo 06c9b45e-7100-4209-8da4-dc03beabc682_zps9cdc042a.jpg


  1. I get excited for the day Elsie and Elowen can hang out. I do believe they would be quite the duo. And I didn't remember that Jeremiah has bees! Awesome!

  2. He just got them. I should do a post on them but organized blogging has fallen by the wayside. And yes, Elsie and Elowen would have a blast together!