Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Spring Excursion

We all took a little trip up to our 13 acres.  Jeremiah goes there occasionally, but I haven't been there in about three years.  It's really a pretty place.  Too bad it's so far away.
We had a cookout, and the kids looked for critters and played in the creek.  Jeremiah burned brush and collected big rocks out of the creek to bring home.  I just watched Elowen and took pictures.  It was a lovely way to spend a spring day together.
 photo 2bef76f9-75a8-44db-b3ab-68008e5e751f_zps7d39deac.jpg

 photo caa2d273-f407-4485-980e-4b9a25269930_zpsb61185b5.jpg

Moss growing in a previously burned spot. 
 photo 05f5012e-9dc5-48c5-b149-cc7257e0cda3_zpsd880e5da.jpg

Spring Iris (Iris verna)
 photo 5f64f729-0bd1-4bc0-a311-7bd505229037_zps2e484aa0.jpg

 photo 69449b6b-5484-4a81-805f-5daf183639a4_zpsc3fc2599.jpg

Jumping spider eating a termite
 photo 53cc96d8-a5dd-4101-8bab-746c141e1a3a_zps81cb2573.jpg

A lovely red Cladonia (cristatella? didyma?)
 photo 2f012c12-175e-4e26-b0a4-922a61e5fa09_zpsa9014756.jpg

Northern Cricket Frog
 photo 9378a641-9a34-42b3-9f4a-29e212b59c36_zps6ef4551e.jpg

White -eyed Vireo
 photo 5b918936-4003-4e48-a854-8b0eb6a5ed2f_zpsf2d540aa.jpg

Long-tailed Salamander
 photo 33fb3d43-99b3-478d-a651-f46e58fa70c8_zps6437ac94.jpg

Flat-backed Millipede
 photo ea26c18b-0729-4a5f-b01e-83c30f568e0e_zpsa900f62d.jpg

  photo ceb0cab9-dc27-41c8-9e30-217fd4d4d047_zpsd180cb5d.jpg

 photo ad4cc083-7b67-4aaa-a26a-620f3761602c_zps59dad93e.jpg

Sourwood with woodpecker holes
 photo c0f671a9-0e3b-4893-8450-2e31caaea2ec_zps0b49cf01.jpg

 photo 81c4e10f-6695-43df-84d8-af682fe40f13_zpsaa5f98b7.jpg

Cup Fungus
 photo 6a4259cf-0b42-4a45-9f3b-bb397c9b987c_zpsa918e9a4.jpg

 photo 3926aed1-ab6f-46f2-8025-d16b9ee29262_zpse0d0347c.jpg

Blue Corporal (Ledona deplanata)
 photo 93f4a69f-2efb-4d9e-8539-81d7bf1bfd10_zps973872a8.jpg

Spring Azure
 photo 48036136-74e1-4803-86e6-3a1f0c57482e_zps0b363ba5.jpg

Azure Bluets
  photo 50a58a34-9869-40ed-bb7a-af0857850982_zps7dc5b515.jpg

Hooded Warbler.  This one was a real treat.  When we were camping at Uwharrie, some bird serenaded us evening and morning, but we couldn't see it.  Then we heard the same birdsong again on our property.  This time, I got a peek at it and even some pictures! I was thrilled to see this bird and learn who the singer was.
 photo 767c577e-22f3-4bd4-b7d0-cf5b0d6e85dd_zps96a0837b.jpg


  1. What a beautiful place! That hooded warbler is so neat! Our kids did the same thing with our bee package boxes. :)

  2. Lovely pictures! That warbler is beautiful. Sure miss you all! Wish we could spend whole weeks together more often!