Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Uwharrie Part 2

Such a beautiful time of year to be out in the woods!  The redbuds were blooming.
 photo 272e8b4b-3511-4826-83de-8c5a50ba0576_zps40197b0e.jpg

 photo 6b7bff04-3bbe-4538-89e4-afd5cb1bc0c1_zps949d79ba.jpg

Henry's Elfin Butterfly
 photo 0c95e964-f30a-4af2-b90f-3f878c0a66de_zps2563461c.jpg

Flowering Dogwood
 photo 5878fd45-b319-4aba-ae8b-16095a949aab_zpsc33c08b7.jpg

 photo 9b939794-a4c9-48b9-a0e9-c70c332299c3_zps1f120ef2.jpg

Painted Buckeye
 photo 076d6aad-404c-444c-b2a1-f6240a6ed51a_zps1ef88e00.jpg

Yellow Jasmine
 photo 88369bfe-9a7b-434b-a6ad-32e839ac8ec2_zps80c2bdf7.jpg

Oak buds breaking
 photo 7c493049-aafe-4ccc-90c1-7dcabbf2a054_zps2b691cf4.jpg

 photo 2d8d20ab-2188-492e-821c-abf1915d5ed6_zps2a803de7.jpg

 photo b2f47370-af46-4302-8727-52c50191fac2_zpsdb77911a.jpg

Settlers of Catan
 photo fc6fbbff-e8b4-4d3b-9057-55c4bcca4440_zpsc057dade.jpg

 photo bd3c402c-22aa-48e6-ad2e-c77366030734_zps7904b23a.jpg

 photo 63f1be85-f4ce-46e5-9c21-6272980a7b42_zpseef01482.jpg

 photo 72570826-4cfa-4659-abba-544f7b800ca7_zps8d777570.jpg

Our view through the top of the tent.  When I was putting Elowen to bed, she was quiet for a while.  Then she looked up and said, "Wow!"
 photo f5232830-4599-4c58-b0c8-e2ac0e149861_zps274f94ea.jpg

 photo d3106ee9-2d98-4fd4-9083-7cec7bf3eef2_zpsdff6a04b.jpg 
The moon and stars were so bright and we heard many birds, including a whipoorwill.  In the morning, I could imagine that we were in the rainforest there were so many different bird songs.


  1. Oh this looks lovely. Especially Catan in a tent. There's a new dream of mine...

  2. Beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful time!