Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Uwharrie Part 1

We had a wonderful vacation to Emerald Isle, NC last week. On the way there, we stopped to camp at Uwharrie National Forest. There are campsites you can pay for or you can just find a spot in the woods and camp for free. We took the free option and found a pretty place next to a creek, where the kids got right to work catching critters.
Southern Cricket Frog
  photo 5b4c0e49-4330-4a23-b5b7-f637408c429c_zpsef6523b9.jpg

Green Anole
 photo 4db4798d-a844-491f-8c2e-61125da4accc_zpsafeb26c5.jpg

 photo 3843e4bc-3d3f-4d9e-8c2c-dfcb6d02ab28_zps247228fc.jpg

A lesson in surface tension
 photo b68f3419-b17b-4d5f-ac0d-c1b3824e37ef_zps8e053262.jpg

Flat-backed Millipede
 photo ecb2f5c7-1b46-429a-8110-4f95215627e4_zpsbb68338d.jpg

 photo 2326670d-ef0a-47f9-9a5a-5f692c13f0d5_zps7f10c039.jpg

 photo 91590384-3d69-45c6-9b01-f5ad8f91bd24_zps2f350d0d.jpg

Christmas Fern
 photo 6a1a80b8-9b7c-41ae-92c8-b6d1efc837e5_zpsbefd0a81.jpg

 photo 0f9e6955-c87a-4a41-a0ae-e21636ab4477_zpsfff3c323.jpg

Sessile Bellwort
 photo 1b83a6e7-ff79-4ded-b821-b08a27cd0761_zps88422354.jpg

 photo 52b09e36-3bdb-4e5d-84b2-cd749304dd59_zpsb1f48278.jpg

 photo a2b7dc6c-cce4-4213-99cf-1ae46b4f0285_zpsff377113.jpg

 photo e0d7d927-327c-4f65-a882-24f736f51e79_zpsdcc52e10.jpg

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