Friday, April 4, 2014

Lichen BioBlitz Part 3

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Sunday morning, Jeremiah sorted and organized the lichens we had collected the day before.  I followed the experts around while they identified lichens.  Then we both worked on identifying a few of the easier species using the microscope and Brodo's Lichens of North America
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Mealy Pixie-cup Lichen
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In the afternoon, we enjoyed a beautiful hike up to Picken's Nose with expert lichenologist, Sean Beeching (in red).
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The views were amazing.
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Garnets in stone.
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Most of the trail was covered in rhododendron, which is taking the place of the dead hemlocks.
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Searching for lichens at Picken's Nose. This is our host and guide, Jason Love, manager of Coweeta.
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Such a lovely weekend together!  I'm so glad we went.
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  1. cool. maybe next time instead of a husband trip it could be a sister trip! :)