Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lichen BioBlitz Part 2: The Non-lichen Part

Just when the lichens were all beginning to blur together, some other captivating bits of creation began to poke themselves up through the leaves.
Millipede, Sigmoria nantahalae, an apt species name. Smelled like almond flavoring.
 photo 07a7375c-f460-4a03-87bc-9b6cdfdf3b7f_zps3c347efc.jpg

Pipevine, identified by the scratch-and-sniff test. No leaves or flowers yet.  No butterflies either.
 photo a418a05a-53e4-4b8c-aff6-ef48127a2ea1_zps011a4b7b.jpg

  photo b68e43c4-2a37-4fb3-b825-4e84030bcffe_zpsae47aabf.jpg

Xylaria longiana (fungus)
 photo 9a71b22d-a053-4149-9260-e6fcf83b3373_zps8aec437d.jpg

Swirly rocks (official name)
 photo 5ae43d6c-f881-4a98-99a9-98ae2d47bff0_zps1d99885a.jpg

 photo ed0b9bbc-628a-4d52-95d3-ca86478030d1_zpsc87e7b3c.jpg

Reminded me of broccoli.  Reminded someone else of saxifrage.
 photo 271dfd4a-9e02-417b-918f-a45e408803b2_zps6e8d9c35.jpg

 photo ec7881f3-d9e9-4dc6-a5d1-bb820475ab1e_zpsf550c63d.jpg

 photo 24da4a5e-bc7c-4889-9d39-ef9b84a56e8f_zps2505b2fd.jpg

Mountain Saxifrage, growing in the rock face next to the trail
 photo e8bac256-9467-47bb-9679-3edc2a6db3c5_zps513456f2.jpg

A sedge
 photo acdf364a-2cfa-4cb5-9e33-d967ea430f3e_zps89672d2e.jpg

Breaking Buckeye Bud
 photo 6f257e2e-dcc4-43a0-a932-06f4cf9a14fd_zps77b8d1df.jpg

Mountain Maple
 photo b9e5c9e8-2366-4e92-bc9c-e367e961fc19_zpse242411b.jpg

As we were leaving the park for the day, the sun came out and a brilliant rainbow arced across the sky.  We ended up driving right past the end of the rainbow - breathtaking!
 photo 1c9f1a88-6689-43e5-a8fc-b5fc6650f89e_zpsbb21496e.jpg

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