Saturday, April 5, 2014

Baseball and Gardening . . .

It must be spring!
 photo 3d4535c4-baef-4122-9cfa-21e038e34a04_zps0209505d.jpg
Both the boys had their first games of the season today.  Rohan played this morning.  He played pitcher for one inning and got two boys out by throwing the ball to first.
Larkin played this afternoon.  He's playing kid-pitch this year, so his games are pretty long  (lots of walks.)  Jeremiah took the kids so I could get the garden going.
 photo b4d284dd-64b3-4045-98f6-fc6d4e8a8887_zps2c6cd9cc.jpg

 photo c6146939-4fdb-4ee5-8c1f-205e1b2d08af_zps4e4d4e56.jpg

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Zahana stayed with me and was my happy helper. 
 photo 5f9fb615-15e9-49df-95f2-152ebbb122e3_zps88fce14a.jpg

 photo 713e1354-cde8-45e9-8f85-b3f8a5f8f5a5_zpsc1303138.jpg

 photo 8d9ac69a-8e71-4223-9adb-09840e7af404_zpsfd933f26.jpg
We planted dill, asparagus, calendula, rosemary, carrots, beets, lettuce, peas, and ferns.  Yay!

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