Thursday, March 13, 2014


This is the reason I've been absent...
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This is ghee cooling, and all the condensation on the window is from pots of bone broth simmering 24 hours. I started the GAPS intro, which if you've ever done it, you know is very time consuming.  There's time for cooking, eating, and not much else.  I took two weeks to go through intro and am now on full GAPS, which is much easier.  This was sort of a spur-of-the-moment decision and yet, not really.  I've been thinking about doing GAPS for several months due to low energy, constant crankiness, worsening chocolate/coffee addiction, and recurring unexplained bouts with sickness that would just wipe me out for a day or two at a time.  I kept thinking about how good I felt on GAPS but just really didn't want to do it.  Then a few of us got a tummy bug that everyone else got over quickly.  My tummy problems wouldn't go away, and I knew this was just the last straw, so I jumped in.  I was feeling much better within a day or two, and with the addition of HCl/pepsin supplement, am feeling pretty normal now.  I found a website for recipes that helped tremendously.

We have finally started reading together again.  First we read A Wrinkle in Time and now are reading The Cat of Bubastes to correlate with Miah and Larkin's history studies of ancient Egypt.
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While I read, the kids draw or play with legos.  One time, I was surprised to find that Larkin had been drawing math!
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We've also instituted our own sort of Poetry Teatime.  Ours is over Sunday supper.  I read poetry while everyone eats.  Then I get to eat while they take turns reading aloud.  We've done three or four so far, and it's going well.  This week, I forgot to check out poetry books at the library, so we read and discussed part of a Nat Geo article.  That was fun too.  I ordered The Writer's Jungle and have been reading through it.  I'm really excited about starting it with the kids.
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Elowen likes to help with whatever I'm doing.
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A little crafty time.
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Jeremiah has been taking beekeeping classes at the library and is getting a couple hives ready for our own backyard.  Miah and Larkin enjoy going with him and learning too.
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Jeremiah tilled the garden and is working on putting a fence up.  Yay!
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These snail pics were a surprise; I think Larkin must have taken them.
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