Monday, March 31, 2014

March 24th Hike

 photo cc1b6213-82f0-4bda-a857-832f33c2aec9_zps3d4da821.jpg
My friend, Tiffany, took us hiking to White Oak Sinks last week.  We had never been, and it was quite a treat.
We saw some of the first wildflowers of the spring. Sharp-lobed Hepatica
 photo f7ddf3f0-eba7-4fc8-b89d-d8f839d904ab_zps0d408b61.jpg

Spring Beauty
 photo fd2fbe20-c380-4686-997a-f4b892cbe998_zpsbbc9099d.jpg

 photo 14a64900-0565-4108-a94a-85ac7b93892b_zpsea1e0af3.jpg

 photo 6c5af740-4b74-49a6-b94b-913cfbf0716b_zpsa566d4fe.jpg

The rattlesnake plantain wasn't blooming yet, but the leaves are always pretty.
 photo b1fc21d8-155d-4575-8fc0-e3ef8484a877_zpsb394d412.jpg

We saw a few other little critters.
 photo 1cb9fc41-8dbe-40b4-ad66-15708c0c88f9_zps66a64f59.jpg

Zig-zag salamander
 photo d0f145ea-7566-4e69-8d52-7c637fdaf7b9_zpsfec6c6e8.jpg

Bat cave
 photo 8990743a-872a-4a01-b773-739525b2db61_zps86d31734.jpg

Elowen peeling an egg into a baggie for a snack.
 photo 08e42dc4-fcf4-49e1-9786-106c75d39139_zpsdcd6b918.jpg

Thanks, Tiffany!
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  1. I love the one of Elowen peeling her own egg.

  2. She peeled it very neatly into the bag and then dumped the whole bag out all over the ground, so we had lots of tiny eggshells and egg particles to pick up!