Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sweetness!

My mom came down for the weekend, so we decided to celebrate Elowen's birthday.  Friday, we had a short school day and spent the rest of the day getting ready.  Larkin made pinwheels, blew up balloons, and made a gorgeous, intricate card.  Miah and her friend helped make window stars, tissue paper flowers, and decorated plastic animals.  Rohan helped with the balloons and making supper.  Zahana helped with the  cake. 
 photo 59225178-e3c4-4794-b9ee-a64b3a24ec9a_zps56879174.jpg

I pulled down the paper snowflakes (yay!) and now the dining room and living room are decked out in rainbows.  It's so happy!
 photo f9ae2e5b-cb9b-41c3-a398-be364e288946_zpsefd29e74.jpg

 photo 66a19fb3-383f-4082-9bcc-3de7c1b044bd_zpsff0a6b19.jpg

Somebody brought in some daffodils!
 photo 86095b47-ac5f-4ed1-91e7-198b8b0aac6d_zps83769b4d.jpg

I had intended to make a layer cake, but both boys wanted to carry the cake to Elowen, so I just frosted them separately.  Even though I made the cakes with white flour, sugar, and sprinkles, I couldn't bring myself to use food coloring.  Had to have rainbow though, so I used these instructions to color the frosting.  Spinach for green, turmeric for yellow, carrot for orange, beets for pink, and blueberries for purple.  (I had planned on doing purple cabbage for blue and purple but ran out of time.  I'd still like to try it some time though, because I bet the color is better.)  I was pretty scared when I was making it.  I thought everyone would be disgusted.  I told Zahana we'd keep it a secret until everyone had eaten.  I was happily surprised when everyone was raving about how pretty and yummy the cake was, and most people had seconds.  Then Zahana told our little secret.  There was some mild shock and disgust at that point, but it was OK then.  The frosting, by the way, is butter, cream cheese, and maple syrup with a little raw milk - so yummy!
 photo 2429c4a1-60cf-46a5-b9a5-4a981ff0ddfb_zpsa3b23181.jpg

Birthday girl! xoxoxoxo
Everybody showed her how to blow the candles, so she did it, then said, "Uh Oh!" when they went out.
 photo 52e8c4ac-260b-44e8-9691-099f0a766d2d_zpseb8a56d7.jpg

 photo 817332d7-c1e3-4210-8c2b-eff660b6d371_zps8920c422.jpg

 photo 5fe6bfb2-a5d2-4d3b-a993-dc399a2fa71f_zps3a574cf1.jpg

 photo 77758be7-11ea-4459-99d7-f5aca55674f3_zps4d8d2594.jpg

Miah's friend joined us.
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 photo 6612e5b6-0d68-4174-b7f4-3a2d7e27a7e5_zpsf8de616f.jpg

Elowen really understood what was going on during present time this year and was fun to watch.
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 photo 8fb71e44-6e4d-4ec1-9797-9ef9eace26aa_zps29c78f8a.jpg

Since my mom and I have our birthdays this month too, there were lots of presents to open.  I got a stack of field guides - the new Sibley Birds, Sibley tree, and flower guides specific to the Smoky Mountains.  Rohan carded a rainbowy wool batt for me, and my mom brought lots of goodies.
 photo 1f5223f3-1ae3-4759-aad9-bf755e95a491_zps8a429731.jpg

 photo b047fbb7-1b98-4945-84a3-511c4f1f6cb4_zps54715a5a.jpg

 photo 77127a58-be21-4224-a744-c6ea04099b86_zps93c64cb9.jpg

A couple neighbor boys popped in and helped celebrate, which I'm sure Elowen enjoyed; she really likes the little boy in red - kinda funny.
 photo 67def6ae-001e-4264-a1f1-e4a7aa22869f_zpsdfe5c890.jpg 
My sweet little one, love of my heart!  What a joy she is!


  1. Happy Birthday Elowen! I can't believe it, 2 already!

  2. I adore that you made two cakes because two kids wanted to carry them in. Good problem solving, mama. And...the cake dye! This is incredible! As you know, I've used quite a bit of food color in my life, but the natural stuff sounds amazing. I did a demonstration speech in middle school on natural easter egg dye and thought I might give it a go this year again (tea, purple onion etc...) But to use natural food dies for frosting (maple frosting!) brilliant. Can't wait to try this one.

    Happy Birthday Elowen! You're already two!!!! Wowza.

  3. Becca, YOU are my inspiration for cakes!
    We made eggs dyed with purple cabbage one year and they were my favorite of any we've made. I think I let them sit overnight in the cabbage water for best results.

  4. So sweet. Makes me want to give Kippy a sibling or just have her closer!