Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Day in the Mountains

Miah and Larkin were able to go to Tremont's homeschool day earlier this week.  They spent the day playing and learning outside with their friends and two of my favorite people, Dawn and Tiffany, their teachers.  They were there seven hours, so I took Zahana, Rohan, and Elowen hiking.
I think we can call this Elowen's first real hike.  She's always been in a backpack or stroller before.  One day a couple weeks ago, she suddenly decided she wanted to walk like everyone else when we're out and about.  So she walked.  We went nice and slow.  She collected rocks, waved a stick around, picked up leaves, and was delighted to swing these gumballs back and forth.  She was so precious to watch.  It was raining the whole time (but warm), and she didn't care a bit.  We didn't get very far but it was a memorable walk.
 photo 12806ee8-23f4-4237-b0d1-ec6f5080cf84_zps46a78ec6.jpg

  photo 83a626ba-873b-46d1-a2be-550c813198cd_zpsa0e57638.jpg

Rohan found a snail.
 photo 9ca69c5e-d1f6-412e-942d-60993b35b31a_zps5860ed74.jpg

Enjoying the green!
 photo b61152de-35f7-4b13-b88d-40a249a05980_zpsaee26431.jpg

Rohan kept insisting that I take him to see the frog eggs.  He had lots of questions when we got to the little pond.
 photo e3f03be4-ad84-4455-8dec-e50690178828_zpsefbf6f15.jpg

He also made sure I took pictures of his special finds so he could put them on Project Noah.
  photo d1d8135e-3096-4fd7-9e24-3355d060fe96_zpsc7a0eda3.jpg

  photo a201b0e1-d8cc-46c3-b2eb-8212573dcf39_zpsf40d48c9.jpg

  photo 7fefafbd-f6a3-4398-b275-6578609bddde_zps52a2252a.jpg

 photo 74627c4e-d7b7-4fb8-becd-55a4756dde18_zpsd6711e7a.jpg

I liked these mossy buttress roots and wish now that I had also looked up so I could ID the tree.
 photo 957a066a-f7f4-40c3-98ae-5ed822ed8f86_zps72cd8650.jpg

We weren't far from Cades Cove so we drove up there for lunch.
  photo b373ab9c-dbd6-4e78-a27e-baec4423d34d_zpsce2a4edb.jpg

After lunch, Elowen needed a nap, so we went for a drive up to Newfound Gap.  We arrived to find that the weather had changed drastically.  Cold, rainy, windy, so we didn't stay.  But the kids thought it was fun that we were up in a cloud.
 photo 0246b572-cbc3-4b6e-93ac-39dac74d3e8f_zpse18e72e2.jpg

The Sinks, just a little turnoff on the road, but we hadn't seen it before.
 photo 2777a997-d3ac-4b9b-82e1-a8bbf8f01f06_zpse65f5e58.jpg

 photo 0eed7529-68ca-44be-9d3e-e9795790348a_zps827ff425.jpg

 photo 179bfa53-b3a3-4911-bf19-18f4d18f5c83_zps3bf9b4c2.jpg
It turned out to be a long, cold, and rainy day, but we were happy to get lots of fresh air.  And Miah and Larkin had a blast.

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