Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Birding at Kyker Bottoms

The refuge opens March 1st. Until then, you are allowed to bird from the observation tower.  There is also a short trail from the tower to the equipment shed, but that's as far as you can go.  The tower was nice but too far from the ponds to see much.
 photo f1115efa-5731-4a3f-ab95-55692d588558_zpsa3585bd8.jpg

Miah managed to get two really great birds: northern shovelers
 photo f48df09d-7f24-495c-97b0-40ea9fb0cbbc_zps889d0fb3.jpg

and buffleheads.
 photo d4613bbb-b44d-49cd-8c72-ebc13f74dc00_zps943d80ba.jpg

Larkin spotted a northern harrier.  We had never seen any of those birds.
 photo 707cca72-224f-4bd6-b18f-686683ae6747_zps059ae0fc.jpg

My own spottings were more common.
Lichen covered trees.
 photo 4842259c-5e2c-425f-8ee8-7d27feca92a5_zps7c9be15e.jpg

Turkey vulture
 photo 1748b392-8d54-40d2-80ec-e4c00e1d5111_zps257cad9f.jpg

Eastern phoebe
 photo 0c88e80e-9583-4991-af0e-3c8783fadb69_zps348e499b.jpg

Yellow-rumped warbler.  I'm seeing these little guys everywhere this winter.  They are such a delight!
 photo 63e2d432-e592-4dc6-8067-7540ecf7148c_zpsd24a539b.jpg

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