Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The End of January

I'm happy to report that January went by surprisingly fast.  Even though February just seems like a repeat of January, I have a new philosophy for this month: have something to look forward to.  We have several little outings planned that can keep me mentally looking forward so I don't get stuck in the gray.  Meanwhile, we're plugging along here, getting schoolwork done and enjoying the unusual amount of snow we're getting.
  photo 27ffa605-2da8-42e9-b07a-a5667bad7ef6_zps0b0af7bc.jpg

  photo a188e933-b638-42ef-bd42-1c7505351888_zps9ceedb48.jpg

  photo 61ab84d3-a4ec-4794-a652-0509ef1cb09d_zpscb288794.jpg

 photo 3e849e73-a33e-46f4-b07b-629d3957b099_zps70ce85dc.jpg
  photo e5f6d2a5-aa6d-4ce0-9b2a-fc4066d334e4_zps894840de.jpg

An ice spike in a dish of water I put out for the birds
 photo 6f54bb7c-95d3-43f3-93e4-2746107f44cd_zps84fe03c4.jpg

 photo eced75de-521f-4edf-95b1-4f063cac4e3c_zps4b710265.jpg

Someone asked Elowen what her name is, and she answered, "Baby!"
 photo 364e059c-c430-4631-ba1f-49763795cd51_zps620c2068.jpg

Painting a rainforest for Belize.
 photo 4ccd8550-3da5-4aa9-b886-180b7015f464_zps17a5f948.jpg

 photo e347072b-0aad-4051-baf7-6547cfcb2794_zpsf80c3347.jpg

 photo 9260fb0e-af9c-4d55-a2b7-b30c8fb12ad8_zps8568e01e.jpg

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