Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Big Back Yard in the Winter

I've challenged myself to document all the wild species of organisms in our own little yard.  Starting in winter adds an extra challenge, but it is surprising what can be found once you start looking.
Wolf's Milk Slime Mold
 photo 8549f164-149e-485e-b066-671d5ecc3106_zpsea18a0b2.jpg

 photo 03321bdc-460b-417b-98a0-e1fc7d5f9248_zpse17119e4.jpg

Eastern Red-cedar
 photo 89249c8c-5ca8-4c03-8beb-7b51182c8c1c_zpsa181c217.jpg

Unidentified, shiny, hard, black pupa
 photo 9a1a44b1-0ca7-4eab-87d9-902e048b3477_zps4a1bd7bb.jpg

Fungus harboring a planthopper
 photo 6d421eab-f13a-4cc1-bd9c-4076c93f6be0_zps20f6dfa0.jpg

Shortleaf Pine
 photo fd9e90f1-3361-4123-bbed-57ae9cf1b0e9_zps675a724f.jpg

Pin Cherry (I think)
 photo 8f1adda0-9385-48c4-afab-657a4cd94534_zpse1078b66.jpg

Mourning Dove
 photo faafde4e-caa1-4299-8709-abff8ee79548_zpscdf74ef6.jpg

Carolina Wren
 photo 80fdb598-b27a-4b5f-8c25-5fd1bc134c4c_zps492214fd.jpg

Carolina Chickadee
 photo 1c53ea7e-1173-4429-8ba2-fb4c767be50f_zpsc5ced0e3.jpg

Dark-eyed Junco, Song Sparrow, and House Sparrow
 photo 1146b7eb-99ee-4561-af7a-6d059b49a590_zpsbdb4ad06.jpg

male junco
 photo 536c2ea9-b4f9-477a-b52f-ba8f7c3a2c49_zpsc56e2503.jpg

female junco
 photo cc460996-2cda-4366-af90-91d514ae0a66_zps07016930.jpg

White-throated Sparrow
 photo 115b8882-e91e-4102-a8dd-ca87446063d6_zps1b8dc1fe.jpg

Chipping Sparrow
 photo ee2b66df-fd34-4f8e-9690-f8c25d023268_zps025d9417.jpg

Blue Jay in Ailanthus
 photo 012694e9-4daa-4cc2-87fe-db832d324c22_zps75cb2094.jpg

A 4" section of fence with at least 4 lichens -Perforated Ruffle, Common Greenshield, Elfin Candleflame, and a Beard Lichen
 photo a245dc90-8aa1-4bca-9ca6-f12e64385cdf_zps19832677.jpg

The rest of the pictures were taken by the kids.
Northern Cardinals
 photo 2d9159e9-74e9-4f86-835c-042f05bb0955_zpsd372f2e2.jpg

 photo e4a0c66c-4f35-4191-aa02-0d32f2ee1e25_zps9f0aca6a.jpg

Blue Jay
  photo f47fb6b7-b17a-4cbb-8ef9-1f5691e5e73a_zps1e5f545d.jpg

European Starlings
  photo 1cd566db-5f55-4b0b-803b-278bf19e5eab_zpsa4b1c061.jpg

Yellow-rumped Warbler
 photo b42abafb-bb76-45e5-b4bb-bb8df9805bbd_zpsf2ef4851.jpg


  1. Gorgeous Pictures!!! So much neat stuff in your own yard!

  2. Sarah that is so awesome! This past weekend we had a family meeting and decided to do the same thing. We are going to try to document every single living thing on our land! I think it'll take us years!

  3. This is so awesome. I'm inspired. Your last few posts have been so "winter stunning." A good reminder to keep my eyes open, even when I'm not feeling the love for the cold weather...