Thursday, February 13, 2014

El Salvador

El Salvador is known as a land of volcanoes and earthquakes. We had just been learning about earth, tectonic plates, soil erosion, etc. the day before for science, so El Salvador fit in perfectly. Zahana made a shield volcano out of salt dough.  Rohan made a composite volcano, and Elowen stuck playdough up her nose.
 photo 1a6174a3-63a4-4383-9909-51cd3245b250_zpsd8453a21.jpg

 photo 57145647-ef2d-47a1-b6ad-05ccaa85a33f_zps9b9f31e0.jpg

More baking soda, more vinegar, more baking soda, more vinegar....
 photo f4fb14b7-7109-4845-be95-e0e2753e6993_zpse9346f85.jpg

Book, flag, map, and a recipe.  We made atol de elote, a salvadoran corn drink. photo cd828e9e-f3ee-43fb-99e8-733cee6a26bb_zps3c432254.jpg

 photo 51e0cba4-1efd-4eb5-ab6b-40f707f97a14_zps4f0eec42.jpg

 photo bbc96c07-883a-4a84-b016-7bda3e205fce_zpsd31385b1.jpg


  1. Sarah, a while back you wrote that Elowen calls herself "baby." I just realized tonight that Elsie does the same thing. She'll happily go through the family, "Mama, Dada, Ido, Baby." And since you had pieced this together already I was finally able to connect the dots...she is talking about herself! I wish we could get these girls together...I just gets more and more fun.

  2. So cute, Becca! Yes, I think it would be lots of fun if we lived close to each other.

  3. Yum! Atole de elote is one of our very favorite wintertime drinks!