Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chickens, Ducks, and Honduras

Larkin decided to take Elowen along to help feed the chickens,  photo a54aaa31-d78e-4bf7-b139-57798051c348_zpse2301c1f.jpg

gather the eggs,
  photo f3462123-7c50-4f8b-aaa2-876a51ceba03_zpse965d3b7.jpg
and watch the yellow-rumped warbler.
  photo 7ff2de04-a964-4e16-b9e0-e09e43048e9c_zps5b7f53a6.jpg
Zahana and Rohan learned about Honduras this week.  One of the things I remember from when I was there is the banana pop.  We made our own version with honey, bananas, and seltzer water.  The kids liked it.

 photo 496046a0-5d84-49e8-9507-e07bf0b3c871_zps96e7a81c.jpg

 photo ef16620e-2688-436e-a525-3143825b1a44_zps93a054df.jpg

We listened to some Garifuna music on youtube, then the kids made music with drums and maracas.
 photo 050d019e-85ac-4571-a48e-6972ccc72015_zps895fcc18.jpg

I dug out my old pictures from Honduras and Guatemala.  The kids had never seen them before.  They'd never seen any pictures of me with braces before either, so that was fun for them!
 photo ed4bb54b-8e6c-48d1-8d5b-3c566bde1150_zps0fd3f711.jpg

While Larkin played chess at the library, I took the other kids on a walk.  It was cold!
 photo a61e55a3-a80b-478b-9d16-852e2a4a3ae9_zpsf4c51a9b.jpg

 photo 330a3173-dffa-4f38-8f73-924d19470807_zpsb2b0b5ab.jpg

Elowen appreciated the mallards and coot that came up close.
 photo 8b7f9467-d5ce-424c-8191-e391f9511e84_zps3bbd4c71.jpg

 photo f1853fd3-5dce-4ef4-a20b-be882ecd977f_zps7dda70d5.jpg

 photo 431e8ea7-cbdc-4fd4-99e3-3236241c69af_zps0bcca52d.jpg

And I appreciated the lone redhead out on the water as I'd never seen one before.  That made it worth being out in the cold!
 photo e27a7512-1c72-4000-96bd-2465819521be_zps1e57bf7a.jpg

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