Saturday, January 18, 2014

Still More House Work

There has been only a tiny bit of fiber love going on around here. I carded these silky soft alpaca batts and Miah spun a little with me on Monday.
  photo 92608a40-8f75-4416-b961-cf78b2d01136_zps53cbbd90.jpg

There has been more of this though.  (We moved Elowen's bed again.)
 photo 82f9299f-62c4-42bd-96e0-253b815f034e_zpsf5e0de73.jpg

We went shopping in our basement and found some leftover green to repaint the upstairs bathroom.  It was white before - not a great color for a kids' bathroom.
 photo 0b21980f-1088-4c51-bace-5016aef57697_zpsc9a2abca.jpg

Wall decor was provided by my sister-in-law.
 photo 25465d4e-be97-4148-acb1-080869740825_zpse967c31e.jpg

We've been gathering around the heater in the kitchen for school.
 photo 5ea94665-03a2-49e1-98a0-8acded814a9a_zpsf5a15363.jpg

And yesterday, Jeremiah and Larkin spent all day blowing insulation above the ceiling.
 photo 0ea2e001-3380-4f27-95b7-2fbf4fb60a42_zpsba9200f6.jpg

 photo ff144bf6-40ae-4dc1-b40a-ab7cd0d97636_zps6ed693e5.jpg

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  1. Loved peeking at all your photos! :) We've been congregating around the floor heaters also....BRRRR! :)