Saturday, January 11, 2014

Someday I Will Make Thoughtful, Cohesive Posts

Today is not that day.

The kids (including neighbors) have been digging a giant hole in the garden. 
 photo a45f3379-1bb5-49ad-9220-84829462fdde_zpse6ffc46f.jpg

I've decided to tackle major spring cleaning.  I prefer to do it in January when I don't want to be outside anyway.  All the pictures in this post are "before" pictures, but I'm not sure you'd notice much anyway.  Lots of scrubbing walls and floors and ceilings and tubs and sinks and toilets and anything else that can be scrubbed.  And cleaning out and organizing cupboards and closets.  Not incredibly picture-worthy.  Except I did rearrange my room. 
The kids have been helping out by playing nicely, mostly.
 photo d85046e6-06f1-43ba-93b7-74d9d5585a0a_zpsdfeae75f.jpg

 photo 01b6bad6-ea47-4040-8206-26873178cd1a_zps8b719a1f.jpg

 photo b1cda29f-42c8-4d1a-9042-bb37ef58df4f_zpsaf438e22.jpg

Miah bought rubberbands for bracelet making and sculpey oven bake clay with her Christmas money.
 photo 8d7b46d7-f45f-409f-b842-aa59cefa2bb4_zps3f7ed6ec.jpg

 photo 08b01f72-5865-4b55-82e3-8e5390e3dec3_zps9a9216d6.jpg

She was kind enough to share with her siblings.
 photo d58015d5-d58a-40b6-a940-29da0eaa043f_zpsd807f37f.jpg

Elowen is at that sweet stage where she likes to help.  She set the table the other day, which was so fun to watch.  Apparently, she's been paying attention when someone else sets the table.  I gave her plates and forks.  She took the plates, one at a time and put them on the table.  Then put a fork on each plate.  The best part was that she walked around the table, looking at what she had done and realized she had put too many plates on one side of the table instead of putting one in my spot and that she had given someone two forks and Papa didn't have one.  Then she fixed it (with a little help.) The table is above her head, so I was pretty impressed.
 photo 36982bfa-be6c-4e20-9613-7e6a5db74ae1_zps82b84262.jpg

I'm preparing some Montessori activities for her to have some fun with too.
 photo 385b9bba-dc8a-4deb-8f52-3f2ec256962e_zpsde211248.jpg

 photo 0ac2fe1f-8346-42dc-94dd-13f52574995c_zpsfc811e25.jpg

There was a mouse in the house.  Elowen was just as excited as the other kids to find it behind the washer.
 photo bda4bfad-216c-4875-8eec-6fffbaeeeef7_zps9baad33d.jpg

Larkin took pictures and identified it as a cotton deer mouse.
 photo 2437d3a7-c9e8-47fd-ada4-384f9cff78cd_zps0f0b859a.jpg

Miah and I are trying to get back into spinning.  It's been too long!
 photo 020bd84e-c0df-4b9e-8c20-c6a4ce0feec5_zpsfa2f5f87.jpg

The chickens and rabbits made it through the big freeze with some extra hay and waterings.  The kids went sledding with their friends.  I couldn't believe how long they wanted to stay outside in that cold.  Today was in the 60's.  Tennessee weather is just bizarre.  I'm planning on going hiking to learn winter tree identification with Tremont in a couple weeks.  It was a Christmas present, and I am so excited.  I just hope it's one of those 60 degree days, not a 6 degree day!
 photo 024ad4af-aa98-467a-b6c8-1e77d0558587_zpse3c70f7e.jpg

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  1. We love all of your posts! It's always fun to see what you all are creating and the fun learning exercises you put together. Love Miah's and Larkin's sculpey creations! The pictures of the animals are great too. We have a squirrel living in our basement still. Wish Larkin and Rohan could come and figure out how to get him out. Max, the cat, can't get to him because he's up high with a nest in the cinderblocks. Kevin wants to set a rat trap but I think we're going to borrow a live trap to catch him if I can ever get my act together. ~Elsa