Sunday, January 12, 2014

O, Canada!

Geography for the week was all about Canada.We started by looking at the globe, coloring Canada on a map, coloring the flag of Canada, and looking at our continent box, where we found money, an ulu, and an eskimo doll.
Next we visited some online sites:  
Coat of arms
Hoop Dance 
National Anthem (French version)  
Count to ten in French 
They looked at this page of Canadian animals and then painted.  Zahana painted a red fox and Arctic hare.  Rohan chose wolverines.  Elowen joined in too.                                                               
 photo 12546bd1-35e0-4dd5-b719-63575cc6898b_zps55ddc923.jpg

 photo 717cb9a3-fdcd-4029-8d89-fd3aa78487c1_zps0776f878.jpg

Just like brother!
 photo c9bbf5d6-f7aa-4893-8d5b-b4c595a0e43f_zps8c55d833.jpg

Hockey! And Bingo.
 photo f381b369-2ac4-4874-a828-3d91ef210391_zpsc6491b1f.jpg

 photo 53986d27-1d2f-41a1-b849-f6730c320150_zps8db95784.jpg

 photo 00beafbf-933b-4460-97cf-9e1130ef4ab9_zps80422419.jpg

For lunch we had poutine and butter tarts.  I used this recipe for the dough.  The lard makes a lovely, flaky crust.  And this for the filling.  I left out the nuts and used all maple syrup instead of using sugar.  The kids loved them.
 photo 7d73f3bb-ffc5-4120-bd70-961ae0659851_zps26218574.jpg

 photo 5f13e830-ed94-48d5-80b1-f4d1de5a575f_zps10908f0f.jpg

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  1. you're right! Elowen's smile is just like Rohan's so cute!