Friday, January 17, 2014


We are working our way south from Canada the rest of the year. The kids learned about US states in one of their co-op classes, so we skipped the United States and moved on to Mexico this week. We started with library books then colored the flag and map.
I learned to count in Spanish when I was a kid from a song on Sesame Street, and I still remember the tune.  So I shared that with the kids.  We watched Mariachi and learned a couple of songs to sing: M-E-X-I-C-O and Fray Felipe.  (Fray?)
For lunch we had bean soup and rice pudding.
Then the kids made Ojos de Dios.  I let them use little balls of singles that I had leftover from plying.  They really enjoyed making these and 2 days later, Rohan is sitting on the couch right now making more.   
 photo bf668899-f738-4fd1-93de-46705a8831a8_zps2a0170cb.jpg

 photo 16822252-b137-4c7f-aa43-ed1881952608_zps134a1cc7.jpg

 photo 914a98c8-b2ff-4b21-b955-2905d5a9fc6b_zps5e22cb0d.jpg

 photo 2b95f359-2049-4451-b146-90b37d75ee3b_zpsf44f5d4f.jpg

 photo 6badbcb3-f9df-48e9-a242-5d2b7edb7f41_zps987d7a34.jpg

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