Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cold Weather Fun

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Miah and Larkin have really been getting in to Project Noah, taking pictures and identifying their finds.  The birdfeeder out the dining room window has been a good place to capture some spottings in this cold weather.

The kids got out the sewing machine a couple days ago and made some different things.  They all wanted rice bags for warming their hands.
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Rohan and Larkin made "candy bags" for Valentine's Day.
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Zahana made a purse.
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It seems even the food is getting ready for Valentine's Day - perfect for the potato lover in the family.
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Zahana helped Elowen figure out what to do with the playdough and made a cute little bird.
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Putting on some lively music for crazy dance sessions is a good way to get exercise on a cold day - and warm up!
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