Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to School

My philosophy for January is: "Do the inside work now, while nobody wants to be outside anyway." I am looking forward to spring and sun and warmth, and when it happens, I don't want to be inside doing spring cleaning or bookwork. I want to be out. I can't wait! Doesn't spring just give such hope for life in general?  Surely God is good to give us something to look forward to and a time and a season for everything.
So Miah and Larkin started back to school a couple weeks ago. I wanted to finish up some cleaning and planning before I started with Zahana and Rohan, so they started back last week. I'm trying something a little different with them, and so far I think it's just fantabulous. I'm alternating the days I work with each one. While I'm working one-on-one with Zahana, Rohan has some independent work to do - handwriting, math worksheets, dot-to-dots, puzzles, etc. Then the next day, we switch. I really like being able to spend more individual time with them, and I like that they are learning to work on their own too. Mondays are reserved for fun school, since we usually have co-op on that day, and because the kids usually do school work six days a week. I don't want them getting burned out. So Mondays we do games, puzzles, art projects, etc.
 photo e357f78d-ccdd-42aa-8a90-83c806978946_zpsd4ea4655.jpg

 photo 3c341015-3a55-4dfe-9c5c-b5a3004789be_zps948ea38f.jpg

 photo 2ba4de1b-af2c-4f2a-b430-88e445367c31_zps019a47e4.jpg

 photo 7403e1fb-f0a2-4529-97d7-f5b9f46cff44_zpsca0a17de.jpg

 photo 501ae2eb-9257-4932-a50f-894f2f7e0afe_zpsb1c3b681.jpg

 photo 24c2ef46-5ef5-43b7-bb34-b0e3f8e5cf7a_zps8d4faf00.jpg

 photo f24d79ed-e091-492e-8688-a2172fad0c08_zpsf91d389e.jpg

 photo 91d6b72e-f039-437a-8f04-3af3add13ccd_zpsb311d378.jpg

 photo f383d271-6884-428e-aa6f-449c613a7ed8_zpsa9333bc1.jpg

For Elowen, it's just whatever works . . .
 photo a4e738fe-542a-4626-8620-8d715c0c066e_zpscbbb9995.jpg

 photo da506cf1-2965-4e75-b412-ba1c73b5c65e_zps5cfcd3ee.jpg

 photo 4eec1ad1-28a2-40c1-b664-f59e1392e854_zpsaedb80f9.jpg

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