Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Nature News. . .

Well, it's not really news, since these are pictures from about a month ago.  Looks like I have some catching up to do!
We had a swarm of flying ants in the yard.
 photo f074d0f5-62bd-4300-95bd-b936319937ce_zps5413a85b.jpg

  photo 382552bb-6842-4a47-9cb8-935da9da9672_zpsb90aff5f.jpg

We had our last nature hike of the season with our friends.  This one was at Ijam's Nature center.
 photo 30a83777-5345-4d6f-aa2c-cf1a381903c5_zpse2584b90.jpg

 photo b0b65850-8710-4243-8076-a3e3254a8cd9_zpse91644fe.jpg

 photo 96ca8b4e-a27c-48a0-83af-d6af3026d89c_zps66655b48.jpg

 photo 57515643-ff89-48e7-aff2-f30cdc751cef_zps2275ce9f.jpg

Stump Puffball
 photo d3d3a8df-9bb9-4fe9-8970-5946a1ec6e6e_zps76b5f3a1.jpg

 photo 60ddbf1f-8bc2-4f17-b3e1-31b06ff6c52e_zps7996203b.jpg

 photo 8dc6e015-935d-40a7-8ff1-9278e38fda4e_zps6a57079f.jpg

 photo e324b498-e80c-4e3c-b250-24108e8823f8_zpsbd1e941e.jpg

Geologic fold - love it!
 photo f4ce1e8a-de23-4fbf-ba84-34105f6b0654_zps087c444e.jpg

This picture reminded me of my grandpa and a verse he liked to quote:
"Every animal of the forest is mine and the cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird in the mountains, and the insects in the fields are mine. If I were hungry I would not tell you, for the world is mine, and all that is in it." Psalm 50:10-12
 photo 577556f7-a56e-4868-93b8-de0b7698d0b3_zps49e281fb.jpg

 photo 3dfe5d67-3355-4c1a-90b8-57d10cfea854_zps7f8ed7af.jpg

 photo 3ec63f9e-75ee-4a21-a07f-4419d9e3f31a_zpsca16065f.jpg

 photo 90ddaf1b-edf0-4d10-bc62-0875a7421dee_zpsfb7c9d02.jpg

Some of the last autumn beauty
 photo 69f9d7c1-3606-467d-8819-17b653aa141e_zps579cee36.jpg

Some beeswax candles the kids made.
 photo acf3dae8-3fd5-40be-80cc-e18f15986424_zps327de5da.jpg

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