Wednesday, November 6, 2013

National Archives and Udvar-Hazy

Thursday morning was spent at the National Gallery of Art. We ate lunch there, which was insanely expensive. Then we walked over to the National Archive building.
The laws of the land are engraved on many buildings, lest we forget.
 photo 58ec3bc5-a37d-41b0-bd70-597962c024e1_zps5a0f359c.jpg

Federal Trade Commission
 photo 9be097d9-c286-4913-8e83-dbf1fc3dbda4_zps5547e07f.jpg

National Archives
 photo 648f39bd-0515-4074-aec0-7d35654394b9_zps21a6ba27.jpg

 photo ecc94630-a65d-44cd-9f22-94650fed8950_zps816c2f92.jpg

 photo abbb2f46-678c-4aae-ae7e-d3af29eef13a_zps4f6e2f85.jpg
No photographs were allowed to be taken in the building.  Highlights were the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights (which has 12 amendments on it - two were not ratified.)  We also saw the land grant given to Charles Ingalls. :)

Afterwards, the boys dropped all the girls off at the hotel and went to the Udvar-Hazy Center nearby in Virginia.  It is an extension of the Air and Space Museum and houses all the aircraft too large for the space on the mall.
 photo 03ec1b88-6301-4073-95ab-9fe99015e8d4_zps00b1cd95.jpg

 photo bfc877ab-9ad4-49f5-a79d-9f629ec303a2_zps2cdc9b03.jpg

 photo e86d5796-d627-4a1b-b0f5-83a06f385270_zps7466739f.jpg

 photo ac9e4ca4-d1b9-434c-b8bd-59aacb591ddc_zps89a9f53f.jpg


  1. Great photos! I love seeing the sites in DC.

    Just FYI...there is a McDonalds in the Air and Space Museum. The one in DC, not VA. It is the only even semi-affordable place to feed my four kids if we are out and about in that area. I try to plan ahead with packed food, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.