Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mead's Quarry

Last week, we went on another nature walk field trip with our friends, this time to Mead's Quarry in Knoxville.  It was closed as a quarry in 2005 and turned into a park with nature trails.
 photo a471e243-e8da-47a0-a38d-f1b06c0f1624_zpsf0a7e551.jpg

 photo 79a32f95-dd90-42c9-9770-305628679165_zpsa0b8be8e.jpg

 photo 8d6eeb68-0846-4818-a26e-c5ba9934dba2_zps741760bb.jpg

 photo f302b892-c9dc-4423-8fb0-efcd623b13be_zpsc9271094.jpg

 photo a757eaa7-525f-4e28-8b8b-32bfbfd47406_zpsa5405cce.jpg

 photo aa9a9f7b-cab1-4325-8408-df8388243905_zps8343d490.jpg

The kids found gypsum in the ground.
 photo b796269d-8a8b-467c-94b3-f0fae2ea65e2_zps0ad3df4c.jpg

 photo e0c21503-8b5f-4249-b4c2-1436b823631b_zps595cf569.jpg

 photo 2b907ea2-a03d-48bb-a41a-5e1af1b83ad2_zpsc77d4cb1.jpg

 photo 590c2703-121d-4a66-a905-809764cfa558_zps3243ec91.jpg

 photo 5e3d4385-5643-4e72-8a6e-77f6de814276_zps0e120c10.jpg

There was an old cemetery at the top of the hill.
 photo 4f139f11-291b-4346-a10f-91a4ce56ed70_zpsf43f0f54.jpg

Near the end of the trail, which was a loop, there was a beautiful jungle of wisteria.  I'd love to see it in bloom.
 photo f9ba6279-227c-4996-bb09-194afda66ec1_zpsb7588d02.jpg

 photo 04a16a63-5de3-4d09-9044-7ca7f106ad80_zps8b2c2604.jpg

 photo ed63f519-b97f-4ddb-9079-d840f6b61a2a_zps21fbb800.jpg
There are several trails of varying difficulty in the area, and it is located next to Ijams Nature Center.

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