Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Setting Out

In the spring, Miah and Larkin finished three years of studying American history. We thought the perfect culmination would be a trip to Washington D.C.  Our trip was almost canceled by the government shut down, but they reopened just in time.  So off we went.
 photo 6cb3ef15-80f5-4553-98cd-dc1ec5863785_zps8bdefbec.jpg

Elowen got her first pair of shoes and put them to good use.
 photo f5932895-6163-49ad-8ad4-be0e95dfd5fb_zpsd4193210.jpg

Arlington National Cemetery was not in our plans, but when we arrived in DC, Jeremiah thought we might have just enough time to go check it out.  We arrived about 15 minutes before closing and got a glimpse of the tombstones and the JFK memorial.
 photo f1c8a3f6-2218-4a83-9375-bb65a7fbcadb_zpsb27ee487.jpg

There were lots of oaks and so lots of squirrels too.  We saw a black one amongst all the grays.
 photo 573ec9cd-32b7-4220-968b-ae4ab0b171d8_zps809955cc.jpg

"Price of Freedom" by Greg Wyatt
 photo a202ebd5-a4e3-481f-9879-ba7537c53511_zpsb0d4d651.jpg

When we got to the hotel, we celebrated Zahana's birthday.  She was convinced that the whole trip was planned specially for her. 
 photo d3083289-a2a2-4733-8da4-51601ea92d40_zpsdf38e7aa.jpg

 photo 39cd0c2e-b617-4c5d-a2c1-424a262cf26b_zpsc2f60f96.jpg

New dolls and hair stuff.
 photo a981f0dd-9a1d-4781-a768-b9009645729f_zpscbaeb18c.jpg

And a scooter - the "best birthday present ever!"
 photo e7f57537-cb8e-465a-a621-bcd117b94cd2_zps93fb759a.jpg