Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Project Noah and Kyker Bottoms Wildlife Refuge

In searching for citizen science projects we can do on our own, I found Project Noah by National Geographic.  It is perfect for me - a place to put my gazillion nature photos and help in identifying them.  There's an educators section where each student can have his own account, so the kids were really getting into picture taking yesterday.
 photo 68b43152-a2ab-4843-8d58-17be4deabd03_zps40dbf2ab.jpg

 photo 40dd59a1-c727-469b-9d9d-e62a47c0b3d3_zps9b9fbe85.jpg

We went to Kyker Bottoms with our friends yesterday for a nature walk.
  photo 82cebed0-8f63-400a-a036-3f540abf3fee_zps6d0b3af5.jpg

Dogbane Tiger Moth caterpillar
 photo 1cfeae75-0380-463d-bb84-2279ddaf1770_zpsc1cae095.jpg

Blue-faced Meadowhawk
 photo 700d9691-3ebe-43ed-a1fa-d508273a3be3_zpsed366cad.jpg

Milkweed Aphids
  photo 4ae24e4f-37fd-4e42-8157-53572063a71a_zpsf2336e64.jpg

Lively Clouded Sulphur
  photo ea1c6f6a-bbf2-4577-9abd-44b41fc80fc7_zps511e4edb.jpg

Broad-headed Sharpshooter
 photo d9a27ee5-1fc3-4462-816b-da6ae117f01a_zps541630de.jpg

Monarch caterpillar
 photo 25146974-1aba-43d6-8cc8-77b792930f96_zps7447d609.jpg

Monarch butterfly
 photo 4dfdf90d-e3c3-4465-b3d8-7857354ef43c_zps3913abb7.jpg

Some type of seed bug (true bug) hemiptera lygaeidae
 photo 435e3143-d280-489e-8668-6d9c434b1d58_zps615dcf4a.jpg

Milkweed Leaf Beetle
 photo 406e70f7-99d3-4782-ad0f-a2f0cf1daa50_zpsbce2627e.jpg

Salt Marsh Moth caterpillar
 photo 8c62d124-a72f-4d5a-b816-f6a2fe509a4e_zps9f2d5971.jpg

Queen Anne's Lace
 photo 7446a3d3-69db-4f87-91f0-f9e3f7d003e2_zps8f28c7a6.jpg

Carolina Desert-chicory
 photo 480698f0-77a1-4af1-ad5d-3669991400cc_zpsaa098913.jpg

Bushy Beard Lichen (the hairy one with flat spots) and another lichen on a honey locust
 photo aabba698-b7b5-4e8d-9f37-cf59d73595fb_zps71d5252d.jpg

  photo 11245d30-3473-46be-8655-24d324ab8a62_zpsfa27ebea.jpg

  photo c2985393-0a29-467a-85b0-7ce785f77f80_zpsb5108c62.jpg

Three different kinds of mushrooms on one tree.
  photo 4a8c50a1-1704-4b88-86f3-b808e9776455_zps78733be0.jpg

Reishi Mushrooms.  Larkin had a different name for these, but I'll leave that to your imagination.
  photo 116cce1e-8c5d-44fc-9289-c66dcd6c5d54_zpse725d759.jpg

Some kind of puffball
 photo bea4bddd-cf55-4a5e-b5e1-cb88ee82ae30_zps087e509d.jpg

 photo 75e3bfbb-9c3b-4458-8b3b-3b5ff22b3f13_zps3b11eaf7.jpg

Dogbane Beetle
 photo af629e97-8505-4a7f-ac7b-cc318c38c51c_zpse8b21039.jpg

Beggar Ticks
 photo 6621d131-6def-46b7-b410-aa5bbaaedc61_zpsee00222a.jpg

 photo 5c744a7a-6bb3-44e0-81aa-90771484d56e_zps948de63d.jpg

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  1. Amazing treasures you all found! There's such beauty to be found in nature and on such a diverse, minute and grand scale. We always enjoy visiting your blog and findng great photography as well as reading what you've been up to.