Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Morocco has been a country I've looked forward to learning about with the kids ever since I saw this post over a year ago.  We waited until we had lots of flowers in the garden to decorate the tent.  The kids decorated, and I cooked.
  photo 876782a5-a7df-4961-9fb2-d0e4093ca2d1_zps11f73242.jpg

We had chicken tagine pie, couscous, Moroccan roasted vegetables, dates, and olives.
 photo a93c9779-1d18-4bdc-bbd1-4e49e4e5c949_zpsad65c2e8.jpg

Miah provided entertainment.
 photo 4e5e9fab-0f3d-43dc-8bdf-7045634903cb_zpsb646b048.jpg

We also cooked shrimp and peppers over the fire to go with the couscous.
 photo cd295d80-0a9b-4dff-9b8c-50c6e97532ca_zps47e282a0.jpg

 photo 93be5d33-c676-4f99-a57a-8742bf38d969_zps41ecfc4c.jpg

A beautiful parhelion appeared in the sky as we enjoyed our meal.
 photo 6e9f9c27-7a40-40f6-a2d8-7593deb52b2d_zpsb5c2d41e.jpg

For dessert, we had homemade ice cream.
 photo 6429efe6-257d-4f5c-8684-9cb395ed4b3b_zpseb48c133.jpg

 photo b8cdcd80-afa2-4922-bb36-6b01bc106a7b_zpsf1f7ca3d.jpg

Then to finish up, we had mint tea.  In Morocco, it's impolite not to have at least three cups!

 photo 0a5853c6-85cb-4735-8878-e00dc455093c_zpsa67dd9ff.jpg
We did this for supper. Earlier in the day, we looked through some library books. The Bachelor and the Bean inspired us to have some yummy Moroccan beans for lunch.


  1. What fun!!! Thanks for labeling the parhelion, we saw something like that yesterday morning on our way to swim!

  2. How fun!!! You are such an inspiration. I love seeing all the fun stuff you do!

  3. We have been cooking Tagine a lot lately. I love Moroccan food. Your worldly theme seemed like much fun.