Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monuments and Garden

The walk from the Postal Museum to our lunch destination made for some lovely photo ops.
My parents.
  photo fd4d0b10-3903-4e41-bd64-4a659a8a7548_zps4c99322b.jpg

My hubby and me.
 photo f5e9cd02-450b-481c-af7e-fd6fd1d36425_zps60f8ac78.jpg

 Senate Fountain
 photo 4de57a90-2383-4687-8987-e34cb00ea7e9_zpsf2e9e5af.jpg

 photo 03771981-5b4e-42f8-9eee-ab2e8338c3f7_zps439810d0.jpg

Peace Monument
 photo c073f4cb-deac-425e-bce7-af6293b1bbb2_zpsa09f89cd.jpg

 photo 848e2a07-94fc-4262-af21-56366b517d7c_zps4ef27e16.jpg

Grant looking manly with his pet pigeons.
 photo 1315af94-9b41-4012-8823-6583421906b5_zps05007dbe.jpg

 photo 78ee84db-e443-4e79-9dff-d6d90584db62_zps916f98b6.jpg

Larkin in front of the Robert A. Taft Memorial and Carillon.
 photo 2c788a4f-adb8-4f95-90c6-87af9d92b968_zps8e4d6d78.jpg

 For lunch, we packed sandwiches and ate in the outdoor area of the United States Botanic Garden where there are benches, chairs, and small tables.  Afterward, we walked around and found this monarch caterpillar on the sidewalk and placed it on a nearby milkweed, no doubt planted just for him.
 photo b083ae54-90c5-44eb-b64a-839d5d00883f_zps6994b0d0.jpg

Practicing . . .
  photo d436ca56-64dd-4790-8eee-30538c99c15c_zps27240876.jpg

When we walked into the building, the smell was heavenly. It is one of the standout memories of the whole trip. I wish I could make my house smell like that. Maybe I'll start a botanical garden in my living room. photo 12432ec1-d67c-4b8d-ba7f-7ad7b67d5bf0_zpsa83a0475.jpg

  photo 9a435f90-e7db-45f6-995f-762f3560ad54_zps401bd438.jpg  photo d1ffa66f-655d-4ec3-b8c2-732840752448_zpscd16e63c.jpg

 photo 3406213d-82a9-432d-9370-d8aa0768ae0f_zps73c8e464.jpg
  photo e5f3128a-0c84-44ce-a7f2-44f5fd1c1bfd_zps3422da8c.jpg  photo 39dbd3f0-f48b-45e0-aab3-b4c62fd3e0ae_zpsa7485fb4.jpg
  photo 8629c766-f5ad-4161-8db4-3500abe69035_zpscc3d581d.jpg  photo f9799efa-db29-4f22-8f72-7e991181653d_zpsb50c4f19.jpg
There were several rooms with different environments: orchids, desert, Hawaii, rainforest, medicinal plants, etc. (There was also a children's garden which was unfortunately closed while we were there.  I love children's gardens!) I could have spent half the day at the Botanic Garden, but we had an appointment to keep. There is so much to see in DC!

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