Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monuments and Garden

The walk from the Postal Museum to our lunch destination made for some lovely photo ops.
My parents.
  photo fd4d0b10-3903-4e41-bd64-4a659a8a7548_zps4c99322b.jpg

My hubby and me.
 photo f5e9cd02-450b-481c-af7e-fd6fd1d36425_zps60f8ac78.jpg

 Senate Fountain
 photo 4de57a90-2383-4687-8987-e34cb00ea7e9_zpsf2e9e5af.jpg

 photo 03771981-5b4e-42f8-9eee-ab2e8338c3f7_zps439810d0.jpg

Peace Monument
 photo c073f4cb-deac-425e-bce7-af6293b1bbb2_zpsa09f89cd.jpg

 photo 848e2a07-94fc-4262-af21-56366b517d7c_zps4ef27e16.jpg

Grant looking manly with his pet pigeons.
 photo 1315af94-9b41-4012-8823-6583421906b5_zps05007dbe.jpg

 photo 78ee84db-e443-4e79-9dff-d6d90584db62_zps916f98b6.jpg

Larkin in front of the Robert A. Taft Memorial and Carillon.
 photo 2c788a4f-adb8-4f95-90c6-87af9d92b968_zps8e4d6d78.jpg

 For lunch, we packed sandwiches and ate in the outdoor area of the United States Botanic Garden where there are benches, chairs, and small tables.  Afterward, we walked around and found this monarch caterpillar on the sidewalk and placed it on a nearby milkweed, no doubt planted just for him.
 photo b083ae54-90c5-44eb-b64a-839d5d00883f_zps6994b0d0.jpg

Practicing . . .
  photo d436ca56-64dd-4790-8eee-30538c99c15c_zps27240876.jpg

When we walked into the building, the smell was heavenly. It is one of the standout memories of the whole trip. I wish I could make my house smell like that. Maybe I'll start a botanical garden in my living room. photo 12432ec1-d67c-4b8d-ba7f-7ad7b67d5bf0_zpsa83a0475.jpg

  photo 9a435f90-e7db-45f6-995f-762f3560ad54_zps401bd438.jpg  photo d1ffa66f-655d-4ec3-b8c2-732840752448_zpscd16e63c.jpg

 photo 3406213d-82a9-432d-9370-d8aa0768ae0f_zps73c8e464.jpg
  photo e5f3128a-0c84-44ce-a7f2-44f5fd1c1bfd_zps3422da8c.jpg  photo 39dbd3f0-f48b-45e0-aab3-b4c62fd3e0ae_zpsa7485fb4.jpg
  photo 8629c766-f5ad-4161-8db4-3500abe69035_zpscc3d581d.jpg  photo f9799efa-db29-4f22-8f72-7e991181653d_zpsb50c4f19.jpg
There were several rooms with different environments: orchids, desert, Hawaii, rainforest, medicinal plants, etc. (There was also a children's garden which was unfortunately closed while we were there.  I love children's gardens!) I could have spent half the day at the Botanic Garden, but we had an appointment to keep. There is so much to see in DC!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Metro and Postal Museum

We decided to take the Metro the first couple days in D.C.  Jeremiah had to figure out how to buy the farecards.
 photo f1eb6fec-ba3c-4f20-9969-910e6b38339d_zps0f3b311b.jpg

On the Metro (subway) with Grampa.
 photo 8edc5234-b4a7-4387-ab17-b4638cb1f1e8_zpsfd7b7ad3.jpg

This is what Rohan was most looking forward to on the trip.  He was not disappointed.
 photo 7b566373-0352-46d7-b9e1-699a8349db56_zpsf401df65.jpg

 photo ac16995c-7586-4572-a797-ea358658d981_zps6adf66a7.jpg

 photo ce1088f9-a1ce-4639-8092-cc437ab66918_zps7d100aea.jpg
The first day on the Metro went smoothly despite accidentally returning to the hotel during rush hour.  The second day, I nearly had a heart attack and was really really OK with driving into the city the next day.  When boarding, the doors open, people get off, get on, and the doors close.  It happens really quickly and the doors are not like elevator doors.  When they close, they close, and you better get out of the way.  (People are also not especially helpful in making way for someone with a stroller.)
 So each adult had a kid partner.  Larkin was mine.  Jeremiah got on with his kids, Larkin and I started to get on, and the doors closed between us.  So Larkin, Miah, Rohan and Jeremiah were on.  My parents, Zahana, Elowen, and I were not.  I was totally fine with being separated; we all knew where we were going, and all the kids were with an adult.  What scared me was that Larkin got on and when the doors started to close, he turned around and reached for me.  I was so sure he was going to get his hand or arm stuck in the door, my heart started racing and I had to lean against a wall for a few minutes.  Every thing turned out fine, but I will be perfectly happy if I never have to ride a subway again.
So a few tips:
When boarding, make sure an adult goes first, and an adult goes last.
Make sure everyone knows the destination.
Make sure the kids know to go through the doors quickly and NOT to stick their hands out to stop the door. (There was a sign that said slipping in while the doors are closing could cost you an arm and a leg!)
There are a few free parking spaces from 10 - 4 around the mall since it is a national park.  It's OK to grab one around 9:30.  We went during the off season, and got one of the last parking spots.

Arriving in the city at Union Station.
 photo 614c10a5-8095-4d9c-866a-9abf19500951_zps4f7b4300.jpg

Our first stop: the National Postal Museum.  The best part of D.C.: all these super cool museums are free!
 photo d86b4d99-da8e-48a8-acf4-58ad3c7c4752_zps62591649.jpg

 photo 33b21800-82cd-4df7-b529-9d33e61744dd_zps668e9fd0.jpg

Each person could choose six stamps. After watching a little video about it, Zahana was on the lookout for an Inverted Jenny.  : )
 photo 1622c96b-66c5-41a3-bf5c-3a9b5e897dc1_zps22427f2d.jpg

The many modes of mail transportation.
 photo f8f609e4-3369-4947-a4c3-5628f1762f2c_zpsde7a3077.jpg

We got a kick out of the address on this old letter.
 photo f8cbf9d8-6af1-40c5-9606-49b788f37296_zps3c95339c.jpg

The story of Owney, the mail dog, was a really neat one.  The fact that this was actually him, stuffed and in a glass case, was kind of weird.
 photo 16f6afcf-edfc-4f9a-8567-d3ff61414475_zps9e926f05.jpg

 photo 46948aa0-4a3d-401f-ae07-b694a96cbbc1_zpsbb2f6f16.jpg

Elowen had been taking a few steps at a time before we left for our trip, but she really learned to walk in Washington D.C.  At 18 months old, she's finally a toddler!
 photo fdd09f71-c99b-42ab-821b-935bc3da71c5_zps642d6281.jpg

Benjamin Franklin, first postmaster general.  It really is amazing to think about all the things he did and all the people he influenced in his lifetime.  We've been reading about George Whitefield in preparation for Reformation Day, and it was interesting to find that Benjamin Franklin was one of his supporters.
 photo 48f105d5-1766-40b6-860e-cd9c40af4654_zps8b652f41.jpg
And that was Morning #1 in our nation's capital!

Setting Out

In the spring, Miah and Larkin finished three years of studying American history. We thought the perfect culmination would be a trip to Washington D.C.  Our trip was almost canceled by the government shut down, but they reopened just in time.  So off we went.
 photo 6cb3ef15-80f5-4553-98cd-dc1ec5863785_zps8bdefbec.jpg

Elowen got her first pair of shoes and put them to good use.
 photo f5932895-6163-49ad-8ad4-be0e95dfd5fb_zpsd4193210.jpg

Arlington National Cemetery was not in our plans, but when we arrived in DC, Jeremiah thought we might have just enough time to go check it out.  We arrived about 15 minutes before closing and got a glimpse of the tombstones and the JFK memorial.
 photo f1c8a3f6-2218-4a83-9375-bb65a7fbcadb_zpsb27ee487.jpg

There were lots of oaks and so lots of squirrels too.  We saw a black one amongst all the grays.
 photo 573ec9cd-32b7-4220-968b-ae4ab0b171d8_zps809955cc.jpg

"Price of Freedom" by Greg Wyatt
 photo a202ebd5-a4e3-481f-9879-ba7537c53511_zpsb0d4d651.jpg

When we got to the hotel, we celebrated Zahana's birthday.  She was convinced that the whole trip was planned specially for her. 
 photo d3083289-a2a2-4733-8da4-51601ea92d40_zpsdf38e7aa.jpg

 photo 39cd0c2e-b617-4c5d-a2c1-424a262cf26b_zpsc2f60f96.jpg

New dolls and hair stuff.
 photo a981f0dd-9a1d-4781-a768-b9009645729f_zpscbaeb18c.jpg

And a scooter - the "best birthday present ever!"
 photo e7f57537-cb8e-465a-a621-bcd117b94cd2_zps93fb759a.jpg

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Morocco has been a country I've looked forward to learning about with the kids ever since I saw this post over a year ago.  We waited until we had lots of flowers in the garden to decorate the tent.  The kids decorated, and I cooked.
  photo 876782a5-a7df-4961-9fb2-d0e4093ca2d1_zps11f73242.jpg

We had chicken tagine pie, couscous, Moroccan roasted vegetables, dates, and olives.
 photo a93c9779-1d18-4bdc-bbd1-4e49e4e5c949_zpsad65c2e8.jpg

Miah provided entertainment.
 photo 4e5e9fab-0f3d-43dc-8bdf-7045634903cb_zpsb646b048.jpg

We also cooked shrimp and peppers over the fire to go with the couscous.
 photo cd295d80-0a9b-4dff-9b8c-50c6e97532ca_zps47e282a0.jpg

 photo 93be5d33-c676-4f99-a57a-8742bf38d969_zps41ecfc4c.jpg

A beautiful parhelion appeared in the sky as we enjoyed our meal.
 photo 6e9f9c27-7a40-40f6-a2d8-7593deb52b2d_zpsb5c2d41e.jpg

For dessert, we had homemade ice cream.
 photo 6429efe6-257d-4f5c-8684-9cb395ed4b3b_zpseb48c133.jpg

 photo b8cdcd80-afa2-4922-bb36-6b01bc106a7b_zpsf1f7ca3d.jpg

Then to finish up, we had mint tea.  In Morocco, it's impolite not to have at least three cups!

 photo 0a5853c6-85cb-4735-8878-e00dc455093c_zpsa67dd9ff.jpg
We did this for supper. Earlier in the day, we looked through some library books. The Bachelor and the Bean inspired us to have some yummy Moroccan beans for lunch.