Thursday, September 26, 2013

Zahana Loves Wheels

She really does.  Toy cars are some of her very favorite toys and have been for as long as I can remember.  She studies how they move and carries them with her when we go places.  She knows what all her friends and acquaintances drive.  I don't really know how she knows that, but she talks about people's cars or says, "That looks like so-and-so's car!" If you've come to my house ten times, I probably still don't know what your car looks like.  Because I don't really care what your car looks like.  Jeremiah had to buy a car a few weeks ago.  This week, I had to meet him at work, and as I pulled into the parking lot, I realized I wouldn't be able to recognize his car.  (Ummm, it's gray...)  Pretty pathetic, but no worries!  Just ask Zahana.  That's the difference between caring and not caring, and it's something that keeps coming to my attention recently.  We retain information we care about.  We forget what we don't care about.  Ask me to identify a bird, a butterfly, a tree, sure!  A car?  Eh, it's a car, who cares?  And being the teacher, the outside-the-box teacher, what do I do with that information?  Force, cram, require or follow, delight, and inspire?  Sounds like an easy choice, but it's a tricky world we live in. . .
Meanwhile, Zahana's just working on some wheels!
 photo e088430e-1772-4f93-913e-1d8fd0e09eb5_zps5138d164.jpg

 photo 2e32b932-45f6-4405-a3f7-b2307150e789_zps7cd2d279.jpg

 photo 52eba8ac-54d5-4c48-98d8-54cd9ece886b_zpsc4a8f8db.jpg

  photo bcb31818-7330-472c-86e9-74d2a153659d_zps9dc60592.jpg

 photo d59e8557-7257-42c2-80f3-47f6af1f3854_zps281b8089.jpg

 photo 19f3f739-80b2-4e55-ba5a-6504035b2b79_zps250839b1.jpg

And Rohan joined in to adjust his bike seat.  I love seeing them so focused and loving their work together!
 photo 40c1e962-f8fa-4581-ba43-952452a00dbf_zps3ef77683.jpg


  1. It was such a joy to talk to her briefly this afternoon at the library. :)

  2. I had to laugh at your description because it sounds so much like my son, James, who loves cars, and I, who couldn't care less about them. You are so right about it is caring about information that helps us to retain it. Does she like to learn about friction and force and the like?