Thursday, September 12, 2013

Volunteering and Exploring

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Miah started volunteering at STAR a couple weeks ago and loves it.  She's been a horse lover for a few years, and I'm so glad we found this opportunity for her (that doesn't cost anything!)

While she pulls tack and cleans stalls, I try to find something interesting for the rest of us to do in a town I never go to and don't know much about.  Yesterday, we explored the recreation area around Fort Loudoun Dam.
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There were lots of birds, so next time we're going to bring binoculars.
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Zahana and Rohan found some sand to play in.
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And Larkin practiced his photography skills.
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  1. If you follow the road on around, there is a nice park with playgrounds and even a quaint little gazebo at the very end on the right. We meet out there for our church services quite often. It's a very nice place. So nice to see all your beautiful pictures!