Saturday, September 28, 2013


Tuesdays are science days at our house, and I love it.  It gives a lot more time for getting into a subject when you don't have to worry about doing several subjects every day.
This Tuesday, we woke up to a foggy day, perfect for observing spiderwebs.
  photo 26d65cd6-35b3-4bc1-94cd-5224a7f7fea7_zpsb18c7f89.jpg

  photo 87c6006e-b3c8-4f49-83b4-9b620985451a_zps40324579.jpg

  photo c3c64c5e-b9d1-4625-8eaf-f6b929f2b035_zps3bef9a9e.jpg

  photo d59a938d-d4b7-48c8-af4d-074aee020bc1_zps769ef704.jpg

  photo b862e468-8fd8-45dd-9530-37a03bf449fb_zps35a87f26.jpg

  photo 8e2899f8-bf47-40fd-8b32-3718ef7e6777_zpsb53d340a.jpg

  photo a20f4d65-a462-44ed-ad90-d0b03ebfd737_zpscd8da887.jpg

Last Sunday, the boys collected caterpillars at the house we go to for small group.  (The kids - and there are a lot of them - usually play outside together while the adults have Bible study inside.)  Well Tuesday, the big brown caterpillar Larkin identified as a Tiger Swallowtail pupated.  I think it was aware of the sciencey nature of the day.
 photo 5dc55b51-dde5-4366-b29a-21074644e877_zps28042f95.jpg

 photo 20ca7f60-cfd0-4d17-bc0b-20bdee9d0776_zps4d4b80b4.jpg

Sycamore tussock moth
 photo 0fde03f6-4c3d-4961-ac93-19937f4e093b_zps85f41ff5.jpg

 photo 69835d42-8b81-4195-bced-e67cf3fe824e_zps198cb3ed.jpg

 Larkin is enjoyed learning about land animals, and Miah started an experiment on forecasting.  photo 1d9283c8-ca7d-4381-b22d-af6df5ac1438_zps0bc8945c.jpg

 I had seen a fun experiment at Plot 55 the day before that I thought Zahana would like, so we tried it.
  photo 30a0c5d9-f912-48f1-a9a9-d343b7a9bd8e_zpsdf91ea6a.jpg

 photo 125a6da1-a207-4ed3-bbf9-566b398383b8_zps8f32b3c2.jpg

  photo ec2e3721-7fac-480a-95f2-0f8bfd450bb6_zpsede36179.jpg

  photo 32a0dce6-1870-42e2-aeec-07627f64157e_zps70cb3172.jpg

At the co-op class I teach on Mondays, we played with bubbles, and the kids were excited to do some more experimenting.
 photo ddf0e079-3d52-482e-9c49-af64270535a1_zps9504c355.jpg

  photo 19f0c140-bd42-44fa-a550-24e431be1bb7_zps0850513a.jpg
Square bubble maker.  Being cheap, I made my own out of straws and pipe cleaners.
If you drop a bubble into the square, . . .
 photo c2427372-6f96-438b-ba36-b98728779f32_zps9933576e.jpg

. . . you get a cube bubble!
 photo a09e2d41-522b-432b-95e0-f0732e538cac_zps362742fd.jpg

 photo f6f04cad-260e-4ca4-9153-30d733ca327a_zps00c8c69b.jpg

This was a favorite:
 photo 560568be-3c99-4570-80e3-ca3d05991a05_zpsc3943cae.jpg

 photo bc862bc0-c8cf-40f4-85b3-af556f27a18c_zps3a2c531c.jpg
Rohan was fascinated by the swirling colors
  photo bf166f99-87ba-4497-82e1-8090c747ed5c_zpsaf6dec1b.jpg
and that he could stick his tongue through without popping the bubble.
  photo ecb1d7c1-7bde-4982-97b6-f2d0f6fbc5ae_zps8202c33b.jpg 
  photo cf893c08-287f-45c6-8cdd-4f90c823eb75_zpsfd255e59.jpg  photo b819d04c-51f6-4454-9870-762a78b3d039_zps2e085134.jpg  photo 21bbc6e0-94d5-4985-b76e-6b31b55c4707_zps4e435383.jpg
Blowing bubbles inside of bubbles.
  photo 439b3469-c3b8-426e-b141-ebf829ba0f2a_zps50ceb9f2.jpg  photo 5b9f49df-2d47-4723-aca3-daea4c8888e8_zps432f0a72.jpg
  photo d54a662b-646b-493b-bec9-ffce79a19768_zps7f56334d.jpg
Then we finished out our science day by playing with magnets.
  photo 2fca7bcc-8789-4036-bdae-6d69ec403bf2_zps0cf70bfc.jpg

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