Saturday, September 21, 2013

Monarch Hunt

Yesterday we had our first opportunity to do citizen science with Tremont - monarch tagging!  We went with a group to Cades Cove and spent about five hours out in the fields, chasing butterflies, collecting caterpillars, and picnicking.  It was a wonderful day!
  photo 4d3d391d-95f8-447a-b5e7-461ac0c7c7b4_zps2213b492.jpg

 photo 3f781ef5-8b01-4cf4-8169-8761f4e5a605_zpsb83823ab.jpg

Identifying our finds.
  photo cb61757f-2d89-47e8-874a-23b419cf790b_zpsf3ad3761.jpg

  photo d17bdcb1-d4b1-4e71-9b05-f04ef7069df5_zpsfcb01c2d.jpg

Common buckeye, my favorite butterfly
  photo 3ad8dde8-afa6-40c6-8bfb-ea88e22c1e98_zps8aae3336.jpg

Yellow bear caterpillar eating milkweed
 photo 99d45a7c-c4af-43ea-8a6f-fc38381e2ded_zps0f5ed38d.jpg

 photo c8503969-88d4-4414-b186-210e3e4cef00_zpsdf1739a5.jpg

 photo 280379d8-c277-4196-9fe2-8d56a774b1d0_zps15d4fa93.jpg

 photo a36d8667-9c45-4ab8-b902-8a1cda0ca441_zpsa4936982.jpg

 photo cb168a5e-b692-418a-88a9-40323abdab52_zps34741d28.jpg

 photo 0eb91395-f282-4b3e-9559-1c2de1db4b00_zps429b82a3.jpg

 photo 939038b5-4e48-40cc-a53d-8b25399d188d_zps904ba8b7.jpg

 photo c41bf8af-e859-4772-be98-d9e99c06ceda_zpscdded05a.jpg

We saw four monarchs fly by, high and fast, but didn't catch any.  Three monarch caterpillars were found on milkweed plants. (Miah found one of them!)  Our group leader took them home to raise them and will release them back in the park after they metamorphose.
This viceroy didn't want to leave Rohan's salty hand.  All butterflies, caterpillars, and moths were identified and recorded.
 photo 010378f2-93a8-475e-89cb-59c465d70e41_zps3ac3842c.jpg That's what I call a good science day!


  1. What a glorious day!

    We are in New York and our monarchs should be migrating right about now. We found one of their migratory paths by accident two years ago. So cool!!! You can check it out on my blog if you'd like:

    So they should be headed your way in a week or so!

  2. That's really neat Valerie! We were told that it was a little early in the season still but also that, due to the weather, the monarchs' normal schedule has been thrown way off. We'd like to go back out in a couple weeks and see how it goes then.

  3. Thank you so much for posting these lovely photos. We love to see what is typical - in terms of flora and fauna - in other parts of the world. We really like that hairy bear caterpillar. He makes quite an impression doesn't he?!

  4. What a great day! Looks like such a beautiful experience!