Friday, September 13, 2013

Beautiful Farmland Nature Walk with Friends

Of all the many activities we're doing this fall, the nature walk group a friend organized is my favorite.  Last week, we went to the property of one of the families in the group.  Oh, this place was sublime!  It was one of those places that could rejuvenate and relax and simply make you happy just by being there.  The kids had such a good time with their friends, exploring, learning, and searching.  I drank in the sweet air, reveled in the feel of sun and shade and breeze, enjoyed the soft rhythmic feel of the grasses on my hand as we walked.  Leaves and bark and dirt, mountains, blue sky, bird song and insect hum, happy kids - there was plenty of food for the soul.
   photo 17bcfad7-14d4-4d67-987b-fcdb87fca953_zpscdd35720.jpg

Eastern Hophornbeam
  photo e4000a19-7d1d-49ee-ba73-1db0ffd0afb1_zps0e0c8f09.jpg

Arrowhead spider
  photo 745e3391-0af0-4452-94ec-e1fbebc7c38e_zpse4ddf884.jpg

In the hayfield, I was hoping for a snake . . .
  photo e4cc3a78-6518-4119-8b15-d41ae2d59b28_zps1361eedf.jpg

but there were lots of grasshoppers instead.
  photo 6228deb4-31cc-413f-8097-3e02b8e8546a_zps6875dd10.jpg

  photo bfa700a9-8ddc-41a3-bc6e-cb3bf3075867_zps92283ad2.jpg

  photo b79f8acc-3f73-4cbd-a418-8d07b5882973_zpsd0c87ed3.jpg

Winged elm
  photo 5b36e1f6-d5d5-4853-83ad-421f0c8dcbc4_zps49cee347.jpg

 photo 2cf12152-1e79-4452-9829-a99258160c44_zps7ff92fc6.jpg

Velvet ant (Photo by Larkin)
 photo f3d0a07a-05c7-4f0e-9b0a-c1a6a33b6e6a_zpsd9ed5aa4.jpg

Ladybug pupa
 photo 2fba8c1a-0075-4a00-a386-41780673a47f_zps95370851.jpg

Scoliid wasp on hoary mountain mint
 photo e7d95c96-d00d-436c-92e2-b72869e6770b_zps646ec479.jpg

Garden spider
 photo d62e00fd-2903-4584-aa7f-12cce6a631ca_zps32404c84.jpg

 photo 6ee544d6-eaef-4c78-ba4b-51410ed345aa_zps6859b923.jpg

 photo 688f13c8-d107-4962-a3f7-ef5f137f2310_zps5c95f82b.jpg

 photo 04e83ce2-15d6-4836-a99d-b75f7608f699_zpsb3fe469b.jpg


  1. Those are such beautiful photos. I was just wondering what kind of lens you have on your camera. I'm no photographer but I was trying to take a picture of a spider spinning its web in the garden the other day and the results were not so great.

  2. This is what it says on the lens: canon efs 18-135mm, image stabilizer, macro 0.45/1.5ft