Sunday, September 8, 2013

Babes in the Bunnery

Ana and Apricot made some babies!  I'm fascinated with the color genetics. With a broken sable and a fawn, nearly every color was possible, so it's exciting to see what we have here.  It's also fun to see how the color changes over the first couple weeks.  They are one week old today. I don't know their sex yet.  They are all for sale and will be ready to go by the end of October.  If you are interested in any of them, leave me a comment with contact info.
The biggest baby appears to be a self blue.  Beautiful!
  photo dd9de6fb-d14e-4894-931d-7dc61985aec7_zpsd80381da.jpg

 photo 4c53aedc-a940-43bf-96c0-336e2a8dbdff_zps0cf9e162.jpg

 photo b099b73a-2b3e-40a6-844c-c3cf64356d6a_zps597cb343.jpg

This one's a little harder to tell.  At 1 day old, it looked self blue, but the white started appearing and it is now a slightly lighter shade of gray than the blue one.  So probably broken blue but possibly broken lilac.  The whole back is a nice solid color and the white is spotted on the belly and face, so the usable wool won't have much white in it.
 photo ece4fc23-77b0-4691-89f3-ac2ec3f53ad2_zpscd3466bc.jpg

  photo cd976fcd-ee55-494f-bed3-f553fa316d9a_zps31b95eea.jpg

 photo 89527a70-871d-4182-8903-0759fdd9cef3_zpsd1cf2b2d.jpg

Cute little white feet!
 photo ed306c6b-3e7d-4173-a3cd-8829e884324a_zps4aaa4e03.jpg

 photo b7161a1d-2af7-4fcf-a6b7-f8c0d134cfd8_zps815efd8b.jpg

When this one was born, it was pink as could be, so I thought it would be white, but color gradually showed up and got darker as the fur came in.  the gray on this one is much lighter than the other two, so I think it is broken lilac.
 photo e468d8e6-baae-4bb1-a3aa-4a1137cfcba8_zps449d298b.jpg

 photo 19926961-3d0e-4b21-902f-585deff06c28_zps2960e25b.jpg

And I believe this one takes after mommy and is broken sable.
 photo e9d0f7ec-cd5a-4294-9e4a-9e500505ddb2_zps9ee3f351.jpg

 photo d9e88d99-9f54-4123-a9d5-f54cf160bc87_zpsed4ca3c8.jpg

In other bunny news, Miah showed Lycian in the fair for 4H.  He was the only french angora, so he won in his class. 
 photo 66df8b6e-4410-4e50-9399-af0e064eba26_zps011b1415.jpg

 photo 5de30bb7-b1cb-4241-ac69-f588b6837c46_zpsca267551.jpg


  1. Oh gosh! Adorable rabbits! I wish I could buy one from you. Alas, I think our zoo is large enough. And, you know, the whole distance issue. (:

    Congrats on such lovely babies!

  2. The bunnies are such pretty colors! I just love the colors of the first two especially! Our bunnies are always predictable~ white!

    Miah looks so grown up and serious in that picture. Did Lycian get shavings in his wool? How difficult is that to deal with if he does?

    1. Yes, I like the more solid colors too.
      Lycian had a cage without shavings. If they hadn't had a cage without shavings I wouldn't have left him, because it probably would have been bad.

  3. Aaaw, they are so sweet!
    So, wish I could have one but, alas!, we are in Nottingham, England so no chance of that.
    Not unless they grow wings and fly to us :)