Friday, September 20, 2013

Another Refreshing Nature Walk

Our nature walk this week was just as wonderful as the one last week. We learned so much and had fun with friends.  Our host and guide was a walking nature encyclopedia.  That's what I want to be someday!
Here he is telling us about goldenrod and New York ironweed.
  photo 2faacab4-795a-4185-9a7d-32ba095d9ab6_zps99d67216.jpg

Chinese chestnut
 photo 6e0cc337-4fb8-49ea-923f-926cf835396e_zps11779e1c.jpg

 photo 1355e403-14b4-4ca0-a87f-aedd26c36ac0_zps1ffbdb2d.jpg

White oak
 photo 72cdc2b5-3ca9-4dd6-9bf4-ca52a55a40f8_zps4baa7374.jpg

 photo 34f5d865-d1ac-4706-b2ce-75d23eab8654_zps0be48f55.jpg

 photo afb99a2a-da1c-4873-a15b-a10806aca402_zps9f01ed44.jpg

He showed us an American chestnut he planted from a seed, which cost $30.  The trees were nearly wiped out by blight in the early 1900's. 
 photo 8ae81fdf-534a-4d1f-8ba6-be306fc9aaf6_zps1b00baaf.jpg

Common leaf-footed bug on autumn olive
 photo 5df044c2-07bb-4964-a252-1e7a52685d0e_zps1a193cd0.jpg

 photo f36d21d7-2e4c-44af-acc2-72288996d4e2_zpsee3807b5.jpg

Bush clover
 photo 226e328c-0f6f-4e85-8ccf-eb42a3e7ce64_zps8abd20be.jpg

Mist flower
 photo ae27c466-65a6-476c-bef7-4ac4cf33b9fe_zpsb040c3b4.jpg

Meadow katydid on cocklebur
 photo aa05172f-7ecf-445a-87ab-e6fe28988eaa_zpsca756f84.jpg

 photo 8c575a85-f93a-4559-8fa8-e88c85703661_zpsd7c533e6.jpg

Crabapple eater
 photo b8f4d1fb-3df9-40f2-af45-ef3167d0561f_zps56f794ca.jpg

Yellow nutsedge
 photo fc7f26ae-3bc3-434f-a86f-0da9213c304d_zpsfe487b2e.jpg

Can't figure this little bee out.  Everything it looks like lives out west.
Bull thistle.
 photo 7b5f380d-382b-4121-9665-4384f2602344_zpsde5fa090.jpg

Horse nettle - very poisonous!
 photo 2dea76ee-e52f-4cfc-b6e1-c08d224afbbb_zps7e0c1ea0.jpg

Lady's thumb
  photo d3333ba3-3bd6-4707-9108-f78491a198ec_zps576e9e52.jpg

Rohan found an eastern garter snake.
 photo c9d7c826-4d45-4a21-82af-9591bb7efa6f_zps89a747eb.jpg

 photo 24ca1f33-c5ba-4a92-a642-1cd1529338b9_zps1793185b.jpg

Ground cherry
 photo d74b299d-dcaa-40e7-b3fc-af2c399420a1_zps5476dfa3.jpg

Wild cucumber.
 photo 578b3a42-2588-4737-be90-201e3634303e_zpsad033bc1.jpg

 photo 6bd3a27d-a687-4dc1-886a-2717cd759c63_zpsaabf9d66.jpg

 photo 9b0765b9-d4e6-43fa-b3bd-5dec2265c795_zps724e749f.jpg

 photo 07ab28ba-77a4-4746-ba62-2d2e4871ad9f_zps5c99bbde.jpg

Lobster mushroom
 photo d821b432-d006-40e9-b71f-867c7dec139a_zps57047cb7.jpg

 photo b14e2b48-aaaf-4ac2-8c03-846dafdd8184_zps75fa9002.jpg

 photo 90a4ca36-d225-49ba-9561-eb33347ed969_zpsa4e31b6d.jpg

Common pondhawk
 photo e6c21204-6ee8-4e63-a9ce-cbacbcb21b1a_zps03988e4f.jpg

Bursting heart
 photo 38371f18-071a-438b-aa43-dcb615cbf230_zpsaeace507.jpg

Winged sumac
 photo c330e77a-5b8b-4a89-b3cb-68b0e35ea274_zpsea58138d.jpg

Partridge pea
 photo 668f1a09-60bb-440d-820c-84e126d9882e_zpsbe23452c.jpg

Lichens on cypress
 photo 44307929-dd43-4264-8cc2-971537ab7bae_zpsdde3ee1d.jpg

Beautiful day!
 photo 315e19ce-f392-4cec-ab1d-250067b7ea47_zps06d14419.jpg


  1. OH my word! That looks amazing! What a neat experience!

  2. I think your mystery vine might be a wild relative of cucumber. Did you by any chance smell the berry? We had those growing in Florida and Guatemala and the kids down there loved eating them. They tasted like slightly sour cucumbers. My mom had some at her last house in Lenoir City.

    1. Wonderful, Rachel! Thank you. That does look like the most likely thing. I didn't smell it. I was already lagging behind the group, so I just snapped a couple pictures and tried to catch up. Miah said the owner of the property didn't know what it was either.

  3. Beautiful! I can tell you were bringing up the rear, with all of these gorgeous photos (speaking from experience...)! I've never seen a lobster mushroom, but that's what it looks like from here. It rained all last night and today, so I'm hoping for some good mushroom hunting this coming week...Thank you for your very kind words on my latest post; I am always humbled that someone I don't know would take time to do that. Gave me quite a boost. Enjoy these fall days!