Saturday, September 28, 2013


Tuesdays are science days at our house, and I love it.  It gives a lot more time for getting into a subject when you don't have to worry about doing several subjects every day.
This Tuesday, we woke up to a foggy day, perfect for observing spiderwebs.
  photo 26d65cd6-35b3-4bc1-94cd-5224a7f7fea7_zpsb18c7f89.jpg

  photo 87c6006e-b3c8-4f49-83b4-9b620985451a_zps40324579.jpg

  photo c3c64c5e-b9d1-4625-8eaf-f6b929f2b035_zps3bef9a9e.jpg

  photo d59a938d-d4b7-48c8-af4d-074aee020bc1_zps769ef704.jpg

  photo b862e468-8fd8-45dd-9530-37a03bf449fb_zps35a87f26.jpg

  photo 8e2899f8-bf47-40fd-8b32-3718ef7e6777_zpsb53d340a.jpg

  photo a20f4d65-a462-44ed-ad90-d0b03ebfd737_zpscd8da887.jpg

Last Sunday, the boys collected caterpillars at the house we go to for small group.  (The kids - and there are a lot of them - usually play outside together while the adults have Bible study inside.)  Well Tuesday, the big brown caterpillar Larkin identified as a Tiger Swallowtail pupated.  I think it was aware of the sciencey nature of the day.
 photo 5dc55b51-dde5-4366-b29a-21074644e877_zps28042f95.jpg

 photo 20ca7f60-cfd0-4d17-bc0b-20bdee9d0776_zps4d4b80b4.jpg

Sycamore tussock moth
 photo 0fde03f6-4c3d-4961-ac93-19937f4e093b_zps85f41ff5.jpg

 photo 69835d42-8b81-4195-bced-e67cf3fe824e_zps198cb3ed.jpg

 Larkin is enjoyed learning about land animals, and Miah started an experiment on forecasting.  photo 1d9283c8-ca7d-4381-b22d-af6df5ac1438_zps0bc8945c.jpg

 I had seen a fun experiment at Plot 55 the day before that I thought Zahana would like, so we tried it.
  photo 30a0c5d9-f912-48f1-a9a9-d343b7a9bd8e_zpsdf91ea6a.jpg

 photo 125a6da1-a207-4ed3-bbf9-566b398383b8_zps8f32b3c2.jpg

  photo ec2e3721-7fac-480a-95f2-0f8bfd450bb6_zpsede36179.jpg

  photo 32a0dce6-1870-42e2-aeec-07627f64157e_zps70cb3172.jpg

At the co-op class I teach on Mondays, we played with bubbles, and the kids were excited to do some more experimenting.
 photo ddf0e079-3d52-482e-9c49-af64270535a1_zps9504c355.jpg

  photo 19f0c140-bd42-44fa-a550-24e431be1bb7_zps0850513a.jpg
Square bubble maker.  Being cheap, I made my own out of straws and pipe cleaners.
If you drop a bubble into the square, . . .
 photo c2427372-6f96-438b-ba36-b98728779f32_zps9933576e.jpg

. . . you get a cube bubble!
 photo a09e2d41-522b-432b-95e0-f0732e538cac_zps362742fd.jpg

 photo f6f04cad-260e-4ca4-9153-30d733ca327a_zps00c8c69b.jpg

This was a favorite:
 photo 560568be-3c99-4570-80e3-ca3d05991a05_zpsc3943cae.jpg

 photo bc862bc0-c8cf-40f4-85b3-af556f27a18c_zps3a2c531c.jpg
Rohan was fascinated by the swirling colors
  photo bf166f99-87ba-4497-82e1-8090c747ed5c_zpsaf6dec1b.jpg
and that he could stick his tongue through without popping the bubble.
  photo ecb1d7c1-7bde-4982-97b6-f2d0f6fbc5ae_zps8202c33b.jpg 
  photo cf893c08-287f-45c6-8cdd-4f90c823eb75_zpsfd255e59.jpg  photo b819d04c-51f6-4454-9870-762a78b3d039_zps2e085134.jpg  photo 21bbc6e0-94d5-4985-b76e-6b31b55c4707_zps4e435383.jpg
Blowing bubbles inside of bubbles.
  photo 439b3469-c3b8-426e-b141-ebf829ba0f2a_zps50ceb9f2.jpg  photo 5b9f49df-2d47-4723-aca3-daea4c8888e8_zps432f0a72.jpg
  photo d54a662b-646b-493b-bec9-ffce79a19768_zps7f56334d.jpg
Then we finished out our science day by playing with magnets.
  photo 2fca7bcc-8789-4036-bdae-6d69ec403bf2_zps0cf70bfc.jpg

Friday, September 27, 2013

Bunnies for Sale

My baby bunnies are listed for sale here on craigslist.
  photo f6b09fe6-3f9d-463c-a877-1f8f340181da_zpsace647a9.jpg

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Zahana Loves Wheels

She really does.  Toy cars are some of her very favorite toys and have been for as long as I can remember.  She studies how they move and carries them with her when we go places.  She knows what all her friends and acquaintances drive.  I don't really know how she knows that, but she talks about people's cars or says, "That looks like so-and-so's car!" If you've come to my house ten times, I probably still don't know what your car looks like.  Because I don't really care what your car looks like.  Jeremiah had to buy a car a few weeks ago.  This week, I had to meet him at work, and as I pulled into the parking lot, I realized I wouldn't be able to recognize his car.  (Ummm, it's gray...)  Pretty pathetic, but no worries!  Just ask Zahana.  That's the difference between caring and not caring, and it's something that keeps coming to my attention recently.  We retain information we care about.  We forget what we don't care about.  Ask me to identify a bird, a butterfly, a tree, sure!  A car?  Eh, it's a car, who cares?  And being the teacher, the outside-the-box teacher, what do I do with that information?  Force, cram, require or follow, delight, and inspire?  Sounds like an easy choice, but it's a tricky world we live in. . .
Meanwhile, Zahana's just working on some wheels!
 photo e088430e-1772-4f93-913e-1d8fd0e09eb5_zps5138d164.jpg

 photo 2e32b932-45f6-4405-a3f7-b2307150e789_zps7cd2d279.jpg

 photo 52eba8ac-54d5-4c48-98d8-54cd9ece886b_zpsc4a8f8db.jpg

  photo bcb31818-7330-472c-86e9-74d2a153659d_zps9dc60592.jpg

 photo d59e8557-7257-42c2-80f3-47f6af1f3854_zps281b8089.jpg

 photo 19f3f739-80b2-4e55-ba5a-6504035b2b79_zps250839b1.jpg

And Rohan joined in to adjust his bike seat.  I love seeing them so focused and loving their work together!
 photo 40c1e962-f8fa-4581-ba43-952452a00dbf_zps3ef77683.jpg

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Sparkling September Salmagundi

 photo 72dbd2b7-e5ed-4896-9c32-aadc37776742_zps1b090810.jpg photo 93c2cf07-80fb-430a-9a2e-fa6f0267f5bc_zps57d1e965.jpg photo 1687bcdc-6500-465b-8f0d-bdd3417b916c_zps7493cac1.jpg photo 73906e9d-134a-4125-9f05-e2ab168bfdc2_zpsdf366401.jpg photo 1f916db3-9610-4d31-9722-642539dc2990_zps1cfe02cc.jpg photo 7763645f-d1f6-4578-85da-e06dfc1d5e17_zps2fc63d8e.jpg photo b3a1434a-90da-465e-8363-d36306f561a8_zpsd64991e3.jpg photo 0536d045-5fa7-4337-a100-de0801fb232d_zpsa4438691.jpg photo cda1d0f7-84ae-459c-abe1-886a43cef0f9_zpsb2cd545a.jpg photo 70bcb66a-e48c-4f05-823f-91b58bd0bbfe_zps1d10b909.jpg photo 78efb0db-e9d4-4a85-945a-bffb69c654f7_zps0a6dccbf.jpg photo 7418abef-f06f-4851-ab93-8cf7eb02e090_zps299fcd19.jpg photo 84b0bad5-46dc-4adc-a9cd-8ca7f206f69b_zps590c4834.jpg photo 962f7760-821d-4fca-bb4b-1d0b77989108_zps60b8680d.jpg photo 26066099-5fa0-48ea-a74a-4a9fb1813049_zps4b7ab9ee.jpg photo ddb3bc3e-8149-44d5-93ca-5778fa7408df_zps7ca4ee3a.jpg photo 9082da03-e4b9-414e-957d-c82156e0e7fe_zps00f2cc8a.jpg photo c1584ad0-40b1-495a-9458-293f0c8ef289_zps8a5a977e.jpg photo 6f270412-5fab-4e63-a930-2a5a7ee164ff_zps1dc1608d.jpg photo d5f758c1-0e7d-464e-8e89-a5b069e829cd_zps92c02ac1.jpg photo 14325c92-b0b0-498e-b3fc-093fee7bd5d5_zps23f45d7a.jpg photo b6b04c53-b58c-4e00-b9b7-6de3fcb716b1_zpsacd48e6b.jpg photo c44f9c16-e3ce-4472-944f-ffd5c4308bb7_zps60203ae8.jpg photo e6c9d3ee-c950-4370-81f9-48e0d346e40b_zps1fd9ce5b.jpg photo 14fb14da-51ff-4ea9-b09e-998197e2d809_zpsf5233232.jpg photo 2ae94e87-38e8-4eef-905b-2b0cff84d8e4_zpse8eaa1a0.jpg photo 47be6816-9eab-4540-a06a-5461cef54896_zpse0172fd2.jpg photo b0fb54cf-c271-4a12-b4af-6224fe079d26_zps129de5fc.jpg photo e950b237-742c-4bf8-9562-ce6782a27daa_zps14f2312a.jpg photo 87a35d54-e9b5-41b3-940f-e1fea62b6f78_zpscc8ed677.jpg photo 56ec0206-e413-4ad6-98dc-1b413c0ec071_zpsa4f6e554.jpg photo 99b24f08-c033-416f-aad1-f98e2f674121_zps8c9fde4c.jpg photo c4665533-bf90-4927-8eff-ef5ef75ec5e9_zpsb8ae1aa6.jpg photo 9d24d7dc-8aa5-4560-84b3-b837ff4eec39_zps97c8a106.jpg photo 60368d45-dc93-423c-9190-2d894e0216af_zpsb375000f.jpg
ROW 1: games and dyeing (Miah dyed the spotty one.)2:We tilled about half the garden up and planted a variety of leftover flower and herb seeds. The chickens scratch a lot in there, so it was kind if a "let's just see what will come up" effort. Miah's research on yeast. 3:Larkin's and Miah's nature journals 4:Larkin's science experiment on camouflage. Rohan learning the letter B.  5.Visiting with Grampa.  Everyday play.  6. Cuteness.  7.We tried hatching out some eggs in an incubator.  The temperature in the incubator was terribly unstable and only one egg hatched.  Somehow, at a week or so old, the one chick ended up in the rain.  When Larkin found it, it wasn't moving at all except for an occasional gasp for air.  It looked to me like a completely lost cause but didn't want Larkin to think I was just cruel and heartless, so we wrapped it in a washcloth and stuck it in the oven.  Larkin insisted I look up on the internet what to do for it.  I didn't even know what to type in.  "How to save a dying chick that spent the night in a storm"?  I ended up looking up chick pneumonia, and Larkin found a page that suggested feeding the chick garlic water.  So he made some.  The chick lived.  ~Elowen helped me dye and wash some alpaca.  8.Baby bunnies at a couple days old.  9.Cutie pie.  Zahana practicing with Miah's cross country team.  10.Stacking and digging.  11. Playing at Abram's Creek.  12.Elowen wanted to hold Grampa's hand when we went for a walk.  Rohan can never have too many floaties.  13.We bought a bus.  New sand.  14.Just playing.  15.My yarn display at the library.  16.Miah racing.  Her time keeps improving.  17.making words and making cheese rings.